IE 11 crashes

Issue #101690


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

Steps to reproduce
(i) Create a class (e.g. Manager) with a static string variable
(ii) Create a class (e.g. Result) with a property of string type and an array of Result objects (e.g. Details)
(iii) Create a webpage and initialize Manager class. Set the properties with dummy data
(iv) Parse through the Details property and display the messages in the page

See sample code below
NextJobManager nextJobMgr;
nextJobMgr = (NextJobManager)sender;
DeviceManager.ClarinetService.RequestResult[] results = nextJobMgr.Result.Details;

            if (nextJobMgr.Result.Succeeded.HasValue)
                NextJob.NextJobInstance.saveCompleted = true;

                NextJobInstance.saveDataMessage += TranslatorManager.GetResources(NextJobManager.Instance.Result.Message) + "<br>";
                strMessage += TranslatorManager.GetResources(NextJobManager.Instance.Result.Message) + "<br>";

                if (results.Length > 0)
                    int count = 1;
                    foreach (DeviceManager.ClarinetService.RequestResult rslt in results)
                        if (rslt != null){
                            // do something

Expected Results:

IE 11 does not crash

Actual Results:


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