IE 11 Memory leak on page load, refresh or navigation

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Fergal G.
Dec 13, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Environment: IE11 11.0.9600.18524CO Update Version 11.0.37

Our enterprise application makes use of iFrames though the presence of the tabbing infrastructure used and other user interface features. As a user navigates through our application, multiple iFrames are opened and closed and in other scenarios, iFrames are reused as the content contained within them is reloaded.

We have observed the memory footprint in IE 11 grow as this normal application usage is performed to the point where IE 11 is consuming 3-4 GB of memory and eventually crashes.

The exact same application usage is not displaying the same memory footprint in the Chrome browser and therefore we are concluding that this is something specific to the internal memory management of the IE 11 browser.

It seems that similar memory management issues in IE11 have been reported on several other bug reports already logged such as:

Normal usage of our enterprise application highlights the issue in our case.

We have tried to use the IE developer tools to capture the memory heap but the usage of this tool is causing a memory leak in itself as the memory continuously increase as we utilize it. To properly check this behavior we had to monitor the windows task manager and observe the memory footprint there as we used the application.

We need assistance to see what objects (if any) that the IE 11 browser is holding onto in it’s memory as we navigate through and use our application.

  1. Is there an IE11 specific configuration setting that we can use which will provide a memory heap dump which would allow you (or us) to analyse and decipher what constitutes the memory being used by IE 11 in this case? If we were able to identify the objects being held, it may help us to determine what to do next to alleviate the issue.

  2. Are there any other steps we can perform to ascertain why the IE11 memory footprint is increasing as we load/unload and reuse the iFrames within our application.


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