IE11 (16428) Win7 causing deadlocks with IWebBrowser2

Fixed Issue #102017


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

I can supply memory dumps if necessary.

From Windbg (will attach)

Two critical sections are of interest, ntdll!LdrpLoaderLock and CRYPTSP!l_DllLoadCritSec. This application is pretty much single threaded, the main thread (0) is in a Dispatch loop, and the Web control apparently is loading the javascript dlls. This thread owns ntdll!LdrpLoaderLock, and is trying to enter a section with CRYPTSP!l_DllLoadCritSec. Unfortunately thread (7) which looks to be some sort of helper thread created by the web browser control currently owns CRYPTSP!l_DllLoadCritSec and is trying to enter ntdll!LdrpLoaderLock.

This application uses the web browser control to (among other things) display a splash at startup. This is where the app will sometimes deadlock (about ~50% of the time).

Expected Results:

No dead locks!

Actual Results:


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