Internet Explorer 11 Freezes when JSON.stringify is called on a form with duplicate names

Won’t fix Issue #10203538


Todd G.
Dec 14, 2016
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Steps to reproduce

Internet Explorer 11 will freeze if JSON.stringify is called on an HTMLFormElement that contains inputs with duplicate names. Below is an HTML document that recreates the issue, also available as a Plunkr

<!DOCTYPE html>

    Bug Report
    Internet Explorer 11.103.10586
    Update Version 11.0.28
    Running on Windows 10
    Internet Explorer 11 will freeze when you click the "Freeze Me" button,
    Which attempts to JSON.Stringify a form
    with duplicate name inputs.

    <h1>IE11 Freezes on JSON.Stringify</h1>
    <form id="my-form">
      <input name="emailoptin"  />
      <input name="emailoptin"  />
    <button id="freeze-me" onclick="JSON.stringify(document.getElementById('my-form'))">Freeze Me</button>


Checked on:
Internet Explorer 11.103.10586
Update Version 11.0.28
Running on Windows 10

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    Comments and activity

    • This is particularly nasty since any form that uses radio buttons will almost certainly have inputs with duplicate names.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Ibrahim O.”

      Changed Status to “Won’t fix”

    • We don’t consider IE11 reports in Edge bug tracker. IE11 is supported by Windows support.

    • That’s pretty unhelpful Bogdan, especially after your Twitter account said this was the correct place. All your links for IE11 bugs redirect here, and your submission form explicitly shows IE11 as an option.

      Searching for “Windows 10 Bug Tracker” does not yield obvious results, so maybe you could provide a link? Even better would be to just pass it to them and not rely on me (the end customer), who is already doing you a favor by reporting this.

    • Hi Todd, Bogdan here - unfortunately my comment went a bit dry - sorry about that!

      We certainly appreciate you taking time to report the issue and it’s unfortunate we can’t really help with IE 11 and I normally try not to leave issues hanging in the air and reject if we won’t be able to fix them in the next few releases. I’ll try to provide more information below.

      We have not been doing IE 11 changes for at least couple years and it’s been in sustained engineering as we’ve shifted team focus on Edge. What that means is that it’s being handled by a team that is different from the Edge web platform team. IE 11 is pretty much fixed in stone for good and bad things it represents - only the most severe issues are being considered by the servicing team - critical security vulnerabilities, bugs that block enterprise customers. For our team - Edge represents a journey to build a modern ever-green web platform, however many enterprises around the world rely on stable IE 11 platform. I hope this makes it clearer! If you have a reproducible cases we can use to improve Edge web platform - please let us know. Your reduced case is very high quality, which is really helpful.

      I did try it on Edge and as you most likely know - it doesn’t repro on Edge. The best I can do for IE 11 issue is to forward this information to the servicing team, however to set the expectation right - I wouldn’t expect it to be fixed soon, if ever.

    • Thanks for your explanation @Bogdan. I would suggest making the statement “We won’t fix non-security IE11 bugs” more public, and possibly remove the options to file them in this error tracker.

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