Roaming json files are lost during update causing loss of favorites.

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Jeff D.
Dec 21, 2016
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A few days ago, my favorites in Edge mostly disappeared. Only the favorites bar folder and a couple of favorites remain. I started up a different computer in my home, logged on, and all my Edge favorites exist there. Going back to the original computer, I went down the C:\Users{my account}\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\MicrosoftEdge\User\Default\Favorites, and I see all of my old favorites. Shouldn’t these be what are displayed in my Favorites list? I went into Internet Explorer and my old favorites are there as well. Is there a way to get things to resynch?


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  • Hey Jeff,

    i am from Microsoft Edge team.
    Did you use third party tool to manage Edge favorites before?
    Do you remember what did you do when favorites are lost? Such as OS upgrade, or fresh install machine?
    Except favorites bar folder, what favorites remains in Edge? Do you lost everything under favorites bar folder?
    Do you lost favorites too at other machines connected with the same Microsoft account?


  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for looking into my issue.

    I can’t recall exactly when I noticed the issue starting, but I believe it was following a major batch of windows updates.  I recall receiving notifications that there were updates and my system was running sluggishly, so I restarted fresh and performance was better.  I checked my Windows Update history and believe it occurred after the following updates ( see screenshot below, and I am still running an older version of Office 2007).

    As far as any using any other Edge management tools, no, I am not.  There were only three favorites left in Edge, and I think they were actually favorites I added recently related to some projects I was working on.  Those three favorites are not in my IE favorites.

    I do have another laptop running Windows 10, and it still shows all my favorites in Edge, same as those in IE.

    Don’t know if we’ll find the cause, but it is odd to have two computers logging in with the same account with different favorites (although, this is home and I am not on a domain or anything).


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