Developer tools No DocumentMode when iframe PDF or XPS content present.

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL = see attachments

see attachments

copy the attachments to your server. (EmbededPDFXPS.txt, spr16566n2373.pdf and MSDNSubscriptions.xps)
rename EmbededPDFXPS.txt to EmbededPDFXPS.htm

Before you start… display the Developer tool in a normal page… Select the Emulation tab and then close the developer tool so that the next time the Developer tool is displayed, it will open at the Emulation tab.

Navigate to EmbededPDFXPS.htm

You should see the embedded PDF and XPS content hosted in iframes.

Display the developer tool by clicking the Command Bar button (so that it loads in the context of the _top document)

You will see that there are no DocumentMode or userAgents in the Dropdowns on the Emulation tab,
no messages in the console and the find tool is unable to select any elements from the page.


Hide the Developer tool.

Click the Clear links on the page to clear the contents of both the iframes containing the PDF and XPS content.

Press the Developer tool button on the Command Bar.

this time… there is full functionality of the Developer tool.

A warning should be displayed in the console…

the Developer tool seems to be choking while enumerating the window.frames collection.

Developer tool does not resume from an error when querying the document.frames collection.


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