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Aubrey R.
Jan 6, 2017
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Today I restarted my Windows 10 machine, and when I logged back in, I noticed I had several favorites missing in the Microsoft Edge Browser. This is the third time this has happened now.

How do I go about recovering these favorites?


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  • The other thing I noticed when this occurred, is that edge browser turned off the “show the favorites bar” and it reset my default search engine from google to bing.

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  • Microsoft edge seems to do its own dumping of my favorites. I signed in this morning and it says Welcome to Microsoft Edge!.. Like WTF … I have lost everything again. WHY… I have not changed anything and this happens… WHAT CAN YOU DO? I SEE NOTHING IN HERE ASSISTING EVERYONE WITH THIS ISSUE.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for providing this information about the issue. After thorough testing, we are unable to reproduce this problem in Edge with the information at hand. Please update this case when you can provide more details, such as an MFTraceLog (follow the instructions in the attached file MF_Logging_Instructions.txt).

    Best Wishes,
    The MS Edge Team

  • I have the same issue. I only use Edge/Win10. I have lost all my “Favorites” and "Favorite Bar". This seems to be a very common problem. I created a new item under Favorites but can not find the item I created. Very Frustrating.

  • Dear James M., RE: Disappearing Edge Favorites

    I am surprised that you rare “unable to reproduce this problem in Edge” as the issue with disappearing Favorites is well known and appears in many forums across the Internet. I have the same problem as others. Starting from a completely refreshed Edge app (“Welcome to Edge”) I import Favorites from another browser (I have imported from both IE and Firefox) and the Favorites are imported correctly (Favorites bar and Bookmarks folders). Within the space of a few minutes to a few hours, however, bookmarks start disappearing without any rhyme or reason. I can easily duplicate this problem because I have refreshed Edge several times, imported bookmarks and seen them disappear. Also, I have tried turning off the Favorites and Reading List sync feature on all my Windows devices, except for the one I am setting up the Favorites bar and Favorites folders on, and the problem still happens. When I turn on the Sync Favorites and Reading List option on my other devices (laptop, desktop and phone) the devices all appear to sync, however the content of the Favorites bar and Favorites list is different on each device.

    I do not recall having this problem with earlier versions of Edge, but I am having the exact same problem on all three of my Windows 10 devices that run Edge since installing the Creator’s Update. Something is very broken in Edge, and while I would love to benefit from running a faster and more efficient browser – particularly on my laptop – I cannot depend on Edge being able to keep my Favorites list intact, nor to sync my favorites between devices. My fallback is to keep using Mozilla Firefox and the excellent Xmarks app to sync my favorites between all my devices and also with IE.

    So what gives, James? There are many, many others outside of your MS Edge Team who are having this problem and can repeat it readily, as evidenced by doing a simple Bing search.

    Thank you for your attention, and I hope a resolution to the disappearing Favorites issue can be found and implemented quickly.

  • I use Microsoft Edge as my browser. I received multiple notices this month to update Microsoft 10. I delayed and delayed, but finally was given no choice. I updated and the next morning all of my Favorites had disappeared.

    How do I recover my Favorites? I will not continue using Microsoft Edge unless my Favorites can be recovered. Why should I put up with this on a recurring basis. I will use Chrome.

    Please provide me technical support ASAP to resolve this issue.



  • I have the same issue with my installation. Sometimes Microsoft Edge resets to its original configuration and welcome screen. I need to import favorites and do all the configuration and customization again.

    I am running Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0, Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063, Windows 10 Pro version 1703 build 15063.674 in a Windows Server 2016 domain network. Besides the standard group policies I have 3 drive mappings applied by the domain group police.

    What could be the cause of this missing configuration? This doesn´t happen to the other browsers installed on the same machine.

  • This is the second time Microsoft Edge has lost all my favourites in an update. This is ridiculous. I will be moving on to another browser. Not to mention I have lost my Wi-Fi connection. In this day and age this should not be happening, nor should it happen twice.

  • Your fix is to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer. If we are using Edge than why would we be placing bookmarks into Explorer. Years of bookmarks thrown into the abyss.

  • I’ll add myself to this list as I am having the same issue with favourites imported from Chrome.
    And yes, it is easily reproducible - every day over the last 5 days it has reset and lost the imported bookmarks.

    I really want to like Edge, but so far not living up to expectations.

    Please provide a fix or at least some direction.

  • I have enjoyed Edge for long time but it has lost my favorites twice in updates. My wi-fi issue fixed itself as it updated. I did find my favorites deep in a Edge backup file. That said, I could not manage to import them. Microsoft should assume that the basic home user is not able to figure out complex issues like this. The latest issue is Cortana. She doesn’t hear me and I don’t hear her and when I click on my start button, the Cortana box covers my start screen so I can’t access my tiles. I did a powershell scan and it did not find anything to repair. I hate updates! Now I want to disable Cortana…can’t find any easy way to do that. Oh, I’ve downloaded Firefox. Liking it very much. It also imported my Edge favorites. Did I mention I hate updates.



  • All: I have found a way to resolve this problem.

    1. Create and save an HTML file of your bookmarks/favorites from Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.

    2. Download and install the free Edge Manage app by Emmet Gray. We all owe him major props for creating this great utility.

    3. BEFORE OPENING EDGE, first open Edge Manage and import your HTML bookmarks/favorites. Using Edge Manage you can arrange them however you want them to appear in Edge. It is intuitive and easy to do. Close Edge Manage.

    4. Open Edge. Be very patient as the Favorites from Edge Manage populate Edge. This takes some time and if you don’t have the patience to wait up to a few hours or longer (depending on how many bookmarks you have), you are spending waaayyy too much time staring at the screen wishing for progress to be made. :D.

    5. Take joy in the fact that now Edge favorites are synching with all your MS devices (PC, laptop, tablet and phone) without any of them disappearing.

    I found this solution on another Windows Forum thread and am passing this on to you here. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a dead thread that MS is not monitoring.

    Let me know if this works for you. I am happily using Edge now, with no disappearing favorites!

  • My favorites bar disappeared on two of my three computers. The instructions in the space where the bar formerly appeared didn’t work. My favorites were also gone. I imported the favorites from Internet Explorer, but any i “favored” since Window 10 and Edge are gone. I downloaded Chrome (that shiny browser) and imported the favorites from the one computer not affected by whatever Microsoft did to Edge and then had them available on all my computers. I downloaded Chrome on my two affected computers and now use chrome. Hard to trust Windows 10 and am concerned MS will do a number on other applications one day.

  • I solved my problem after several hours of trying. Apparently, Microsoft decided to turn the Sync your favorites … on with the update and since I don’t have other devices, Edge deleted the ones I had. This came up when I trued the Manage Edge Favorites program. Every time I installed the Favorites, they disappeared. After turning that off in the Settings, my Favorites works fine. So does my wife’s computer. Fortunately, I had backed both of the Features just before the updates.

  • I haven’t tried the Edge Manage app yet, as I wasn’t so enamored with Edge to begin with, and don’t believe MS should have to rely on 3rd party solutions for their products.

    My solution after trying all the other suggestions, is Opera. NO ISSUES importing favorites and has some great other features.

    Interesting, still no response at all from MS reps.

  • Unbelievable. This just happened to me again for the third time…for no reason. No MS updates in my update history, no OS upgrade…everything…several hundred recent and important Edge favorites gone. I have been an MS fan for a long time, but I just cant take this anymore…they cant even design a stable feature rich browser to work with their own OS (Win10)…and in addition it is almost worthless trying to use it with SharePoint…another MS application. I finally succumb…and go with Firefox.

  • After a year this is still happening and no solution from Microsoft? WTF?

  • Well…….favorites are gone. I’ve tried every recommendation to recover them. Out of desperation I even tried "restore". Nothing. Nada. Gone. By the looks of things Microsoft has a problem. No. The users of Edge have a problem.

  • Last week I noticed I had all favorites missing in the Microsoft Edge Browser. Although the favorites file with all my favorites is available in PC/Local Disk©/Users/myname/Favorites and I can launch the same by going to this directory, the same is not shown in the Microsoft Edge Browser.

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