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Rahul R.
Jan 9, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Couldn’t open PDF

Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.
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this issue occurs when opening pdf in edge


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    • I am getting this problem too. When I try to use Edge to look at a pdf online, I get the message “Couldn’t open PDF Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.” sometime i just get part of a pdf document but most missing. Have tried altering the default pdf to latest Adobe reader but no different. If I actually download the .pdf document and then open it in Edge ( with Edge pdf reader as default reader) it works fine but you cannot read it online. The only work around is to open the webpage using IE but this is incovenient as IE is much slower than Edge.

    • I used Google Chrome and get the same message. I have a PDF proof to open but get that message.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We are unable to reproduce this error; please reopen the case when you can attach a sample file for us to investigate.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • this is the sample file, I could not open. please help

    • I get the same message when trying to download my statement from my bank’s website and have been for some months.

    • Getting the same problem. I tried it on two different pdf’s today. They open in Chrome without issue. I want to like this browser, but this makes it hard.

    • Couldn’t open PDF
      Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.
      Go back to the last page

    • Since the creator update, can’t open pdf from websites (banks, utilities etc). I have tried to set the default app to both Edge (which was default after the update) and to Acrobat DC. Worked fine before the upgrade. Now I get a popup, which shows the url where the PDF is generated/located, but the window remains blank and Edge eventually crashes or hangs

    • I am having the same issue since installing Creator Update

    • I have found that the message displayed in the title can often be due to Edge’s double request of a pdf file.

    • Same issue after update. I heavily use Edge for online school and this is completely frustrating. I have yet to see any threads that show a fix.

    • I am having the same issue. I can’t display any PDF’s in edge. they open just fine in chrome or internet explorer, but never with edge.

    • I get same message as above. Since last MS update; I can’t download pdf files or attachments to save or open them. Tried all the tricks. Downloaded Adobe as my e-mail told me I had to. Still can’t do anything with it. I’ve tried IE and Edge with 2 different Adobe Readers then uninstalled them. Tried changing defaults in my settings. Still–nothing. I NEED TO ACCESS THIS PDF NOW! I’m forced to deal with all your updates and bugs that never get fixed. I shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to troubleshoot YOUR problem. You should have stopped updating at Windows 98. But apparently you need to know everything that goes on in my office and have full control of my computer. What are you going to do to fix this? Do I need to trade my Windows in for a MAC? This is ridiculous!

    • AK
      After a major update last night I cannot open ANY pdf files today. Major work issue.

    • I had the same Problems after upgrading to Creators Update (1709) - Microsoft Edge now cannot open any PDF files, be it from web or local drives. Everything worked fine with Version 1703. I found out that the reason is the user Access Control (UAC). If you disable it by policy you can’t open pdfs, enable it again and everything works fine - strange behaviour!

    • I am getting the same issue. This is ridiculous!!! This needs to be fixed…

    • I got the same issue after updated new version !!! How can I fix it MS People??? Let me know Please.

    • I have the same issue and found a workaround until MS fixes the bug in the Edge browser.

      Install the Opera browser and assign it as the default for PDF viewing.
      I realize this is less than desirable for most, but it works.

      Oddly enough, I was planning to give Edge a try. This issue aborted that desire.

    • I have had to go back to using Chrome to open the majority of PDF documents on the Welsh Government Website as so many will not open using Edge.
      Example below, but there are many more.

    • I have the same issue as well. Can’t open local or or online pdf documents with Edge. I’ve gone back to using Chrome for the time being.

    • I get this message upon opening a document:
      Couldn’t open PDF
      Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.
      Go back to the last page

    • Hello, is there any solution to this problem

      If I try open a PDF with edge I get this error: "Couldn’t open PDF
      Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.", same as others, however it opens ok with Chrome, Firefox or Word.

      Is there any chance that UserControlSettings has anything to do with it?

      Error disappears if I increment UAC settings, however it appears back if I disable it completely with Registry key below:

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



      Error started to happen on Win10 pro Ver 1709 (os Build 16299.248), previous to this it was working without issues with same settings.

      Looking forward a response…

    • Johnathan M. , you might be onto something with the UserControlSettings. I had been able to open PDFs in Edge when I first got my new laptop. Then after a time, I could not. I had changed the UAC to inform me always just because, “why not?” This is anecdotal, but the best info I have seen on the topic. I have been using Opera browser since the problem arose for me.

    • I was able to check my UAC setting. I indeed had changed it from default. Putting it back to default fixed the PDF loading in Edge. Now, the questions is, why would that make a difference?

      Setting the UAC back to default is a partial solution.

      To find your UAC, simply click on the Windows Menu and type UAC or User Control Settings. Once you set it back to the default, you will have to reboot. I tested, it does not resolve the issue with out rebooting. (I did not test simply logging out.)

    • Try this method.
      Click on “Control Panel”
      Click on “User Accounts”
      On the left panel of "User Accounts", click on “Programs”
      Click on “Default Programs”
      Click on “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”
      Look for this link at the bottom of the default apps = “Choose default apps by file type” click on this link.
      On the left, scroll down and look for the .PDF file extension. To the right of this, Microsoft Edge is the default program to launch your PDF file. Since this is giving you the problem its time to change this to your program of your choice e.g. Firefox, chrome etc.

      Hope this will solve the issue.

    • Dennis C,
      Thank you so much! Worked perfectly!

    • How to open this file?
      Couldn’t open PDF
      Something’s keeping this PDF from opening.
      Go back to the last page

    • We had UAC set to Never Notify.
      Changed UAC to default, or the one below default (but not off), and opening PDFs in Edge started working.
      Changed UAC back to Never Notify, and Edge continued to work.
      Also, we weren’t able to print from Edge, and now that works too.
      This UAC change worked on computers with and without Adobe Reader DC installed.
      Of course with DC installed, you had to right click on a PDF and select Open With since DC was the default–without DC installed, Edge was the default
      I believe that having UAC turned off was preventing something from updating/installing.

    • I was able to correct this same issue by turning off the accessibility features in Adobe DC. The problem we see seems to be not with opening but creating the .pdf
      A 4 page document created with Adobe DC standard would not display 3 of the 4 pages in edge, 3 of the 4 pages were just blank.
      Turning off all accessibility feature in Adobe DC standard under options and creating the same 4 documents it would now display all 4 pages correctly in edge.
      This seems to fix our problem with edge not displaying all pages.

    • Dennis C , that solved my problem, thank you.

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