Page elements vanish when Iframe is removed and then re-inserted into the DOM in IE 11.0.36

Won’t fix Issue #10479460


Vishrut T.
Jan 10, 2017
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I have been working on a client application where we are using full-page pop-up window to review and comment on pdf reports. This application works fine in chrome, firefox as well as in IE versions upto 11.0.35(including IE10, IE9, IE8). In IE11.0.36 initial PDF is loaded as expected, but when user clicks on next report link the page behaves unusually all page elements other than Iframe vanishes. We are using jsp, javascript and spring MVC 3.0 where AJAX calls are made to render next report and all backend functionalities are performing properly and proper HTML code is rendered. Thanks in advance for anyone who can provide any pointers about this Issue. As it is a client application which contains confidential data, I can’t share any attachments or screenshots. Sorry about that.


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    • We are not facing this issue if we are using IE 11.0.38 in windows 10. But if we are using windows 7 then in IE11.0.36/11.0.37/11.0.38 ,we are facing this issue.

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      Changed Status to “Won’t fix”

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