Internet Expolorer 10. Possible BUG! (image in anchor rendering glitch)

Not reproducible Issue #105010


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

Repro Steps:


open attached repro file.

Expected Results:


width of the green div change. But the location doesnot change.

Actual Results:


postion of green div chagnes due to  bottom margin of h1 disapear.


Original repro:

Repro Steps:


This is just one of all the pages concerned.

Fire it up in Windows 7 Internet Explorer 10.

Click on the link (Back to List) and you’ll notice it changes colour and moves,by clicking on it a second time the link attivates and the page required opens.

Try it in IE7.8.9…fireox…your apple Ipad,your smart phone,you only have to click ONCE to activate the link.

The start of the web site should wish to navigate to this point is:

Expected Results:


The link should (and always has done) ,go directly to another HTML page with ONE click,(not TWO)

Actual Results:



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