Internet Explorer on Windows phone not accepting font size

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

Create a web page with an h1 element and a p element. Make sure there is text on it.
Add a background coloured element just above, so that you can compare the size of the font to it easier (say, width:100px).
Set its font size using a style for those elements - for example: h1 { font-size:28px; } p {font-size:15px;}

View the page in a desktop browser.
View the page in the mobile browser. Notice how far the text has stretched along the coloured element - further than the desktop I expect (if you used the sizes above).

Change the style to something like this: h1 { font-size:28px; height:50px; } p { font-size:15px; height:70px; }
Refresh the pages.
The font sizes should now be consistent across desktop and mobile.

Expected Results:

The font size of the element should be used.

Actual Results:


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