Elements inheriting SVGElement should have props 'innerHTML' and 'outerHTML'

Fixed Issue #10529592


Jan 13, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

When testing crossbrowser compatibility for node.transform.baseVal on SVG elements (codepen.io: Text createSVGMatrix()) I noticed that Microsoft Edge was reporting undefined when trying to access node.outerHTML for a SVGTextElement. Since SVGTextElement inherits the Element interface it would seem that it would have the properties innerHTML and outerHTML. I created a test of all Elements that are found on the SVG Element Reference and noticed that all Elements are missing the properties innerHTML and outerHTML.

I’ve tested this across a bunch of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) across different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, OS X) and all of them work except for Microsoft browsers (Edge 14, Edge 13, Edge 12, IE 11).

You can view the code and results of the test at codepen.io: Test innerHTML & outerHTML. Here is a link to the debug version of codepen.io: Text innerHTML & outerHTML.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Fixed”

    • This issue should be fixed in the latest Windows Insider build. If you can still reproduce this issue on the latest insider build, please provide updated repro steps and anything else we may need to diagnose the issue. Thanks!

    • I don’t have access to Windows Insider builds. I’ve been using Browserstack.com. Is there another way for me to test this?

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