IE ActiveX isn't shown properly in frame

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

The issue is reproducible with the ActiveX controls created in VS.
I used ATL wizard and created composite control. Several buttons were added.

Issue is not reproducible with previous versions of IE and is not reproducible
with other (not composite) controls

Have a simple html page with two frames, like this:

<frameset rows="50%,*">
<frame name="activex" src="test_activex.html">
<frame name="test" src="test.html">

Within ‘activex’ frame, ActiveX control is embedded.
‘test’ is a simple page, maybe blank.
Do right mouse click on ‘test’ frame and press refresh.
ActiveX control disappear after that at all or partially.
Resizing IE window makes control reappear

Expected Results:

ActiveX control is not disappear in frame after the other frame is refreshed

Actual Results:


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