IE11 does not refresh or even paint the content of page

Site Outreach Issue #105494


Apr 27, 2014
This issue is public.
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

After several pages with videos like Channel9, youtube,, suddenly any new tab of any page will no be painted as expected, looks like a blank tab, and you can wait one minute and it will not paint anything on this new tab of simple content.
You just resize the window using restore/maximize and it paints the content, but not as expected.
Even filling out this form it failed here. This is the second time I wrote everything here.

Expected Results:

To see the content of any page no matter what.

Actual Results:


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “IPBS P.”

      Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

      Changed Assigned To from “IPBS P.” to “Imran A.”

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