Java 8 beta 113. Video game controls do not work properly for online video games. Atari Arcade.

Not reproducible Issue #105585


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

URL =!/arcade/atari-promo


Atari Arcade homepage. Select from video games on left side of the screen by moving the cursor over them, and scrolling up and down.

Play the following games in the following sequence: Combat, Lunar Lander & Yar’s Revenge.

Test Yar’s Revenge last because the controls are confusing.

In Combat, controls for moving left & right should work smoothly through entire gameplay.

In Lunar Lander, controls should work smoothly guiding the spaceship up, left & right.

In Yar’s Revenge, the bug starts firing in the opposite direction being left rather than right. This is confusing, so please test Yar’s Revenge last.

In Combat, tank only turns in one direction. Either left or right. It switches direction as the game progresses turning only in one direction.

In Lunar Lander, game controls eventually stop working.

In Yar’s Revenge, the bug should fire in the direction of the opponent. This is confusing, so please test Yar’s Revenge last.


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