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Apr 27, 2014
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I’ve been a long time user of chrome, but for some time now chrome has been making my laptop lag quite a bit
After win8.1, I started using ie as my primary browser
Here’s my feedback,

  1. Please give me an option to shift the tabs above the address bar
    I am a very heavy reader and have 15+ tabs open at most times
    In the default config for ie, (address bar and tabs inline) the tabs become too small, and difficult to hit, rendering it a very unpleasant experience
    We can display the tabs in a separate row, but tabs are below the address bar & above bookmarks bar
    This is very illogical
    I open sites using bookmarks bar, open multiple links and scroll through tabs
    rarely do i use the address bar much, however in ie I have to look just a bit before hitting a tab, as I can hit the address bar or some bookmarks by mistake.
    It might now seem like much to you, but is a huge step down in productivity for me
  2. Bookmarks management in ie is horrible
    I think you can learn from chrome in this regard
    Please have a look at it, and make managing bookmarks as painless as chrome
  3. Have you guys heard of extensions?
    Clearly, Awesome screenshot, iReader are a few extensions that make browsing the web a thing of beauty
    I can save text using these, and print it out into a pdf while stripping out trash
    These are a BIG, BIG part of why i used chrome at all
    And why even though ie is a great browser, it just always feels that I am missing out on things that I love by using it
    I still open a link in chrome after opening in ie just to use iReader/Clearly to strip trash & save as pdf
    Awesome screenshot, helps me capture any part of the page in a way that is just not possible on ie

IE11 is a great browser and I want to keep using it
And if you really do happen to read this, and decide its worth your time,
drop me an email or whatever, just to prove that Microsoft actually gives a shit about what its users are saying

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