IE 11 \ 10 localStorage is not shared properly between tabs/windows

Site Outreach Issue #106109


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

  1. Go to any site, e.g.
  2. Open developer tools console
  3. Execute: localStorage.setItem('x’, 1);
  4. Execute: localStorage.getItem(‘x’); // returns 1 - OK
  5. Open another tab and navigate there to same page, e.g.
  6. In developer console, execute in the new tab: localStorage.getItem(‘x’); // returns 1 - OK
  7. In the new tab, execute: localStorage.setItem('x’, 2);
  8. Go to the first tab.
  9. In the first tab, execute: localStorage.getItem(‘x’); // returns 1 - NOT OK, should be 2
  10. In the first tab, execute: localStorage.setItem('x’, 3);
  11. In the 2nd tab, execute: localStorage.getItem(‘x’); // returns 2 - NOT OK, should be 3

Expected Results:

localStorage content should be shared between tabs/windows on the same domain

Actual Results:


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