Printing white Hebrew text

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce


  • open repro.html

  • Print Preview

Expected: Hebrew and English text are visible in the preview

Actual: Only English is visible


URL: (This has black text and print previews as expected)

Repro Steps:


  1. click on

  2. Note we have the word ‘Text’ in english and the word טקסט in Hebrew

  3. Open Print Preview and you will only see the english word ‘Text’ and not the Hebrew word

[old Repro]

Create an HTML document with an element that has style="color:white" as an attribute, and put Hebrew characters inside that element. Open the document in Internet Explorer 10 or 11. Right-click on the page and select "Print preview…". If the “Print Background Colors and Images” in Page Settings is unchecked, the Hebrew text will remain white.

Alternately, here as a URL where there is white Hebrew text on a black background:

Expected Results:


All text changes from white to gray, including Hebrew characters.

Actual Results:



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