internet explorer 10 is not able to open localhost http

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

Repro Steps:

Open IE and Type localhost:80/ in address bar or

it should be appending http://localhost:80

going to bing with search localhost:80 or

Interop: all other browsers are navigating to localhost:80 or host with port number.



Repro Steps:
I’m using apache tomcat. I read this bug has been ongoing since 2012, at least, and you said it was fixed. It’s not. You are still serving downloads of a broken ie10.
This is not a server bug. It’s your browser. Other browsers work…chrome…firefox…only yours is broken.

What this means for your company is your 10% marketshare in browsers will fall further as web developers take your snub and say "who cares…it’s only 10% of users". That’s sure what I’m planning on doing.

Expected Results:

It’s supposed to open the localhost website, just as your competitor’s web browsers are able, and yours used to be.

Actual Results:


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