Setting selection in onfocus handler of input doesn't place the selection properly

Confirmed Issue #10634971 • Assigned to Grisha L.


Jan 24, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

The attached file creates an html page with two input fields, created with javascript.

Input2 has an ‘onfocus’ event which uses selectionEnd to highlight a portion of the text.

When we set the selectionEnd in onfocus handler, Chrome processes the default action of focus event first and then overrides the selection.
Ex: When we set focus on the input element through JS, Chrome’s default action is to place the caret at the end when the value is set through JS. In onfocus handler, when we query this selection on Chrome, the start and end points to the end of the text. If we set the selectionEnd or selectionStart through JS, then it overrides the previous selection with this value.
Edge doesn’t follow this logic


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      Changed Steps to Reproduce

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