Flash breaks in IE11 on Windows 8.1 but not Windows 7

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

  1. Go to http://www.spatialglobal.com in the IE11 browser on a Win8.1 PC.
  2. Mouse-over the Flash menu just above the slideshow and note the operation of the sub-menus.
  3. Refresh the page
  4. Note that the submenus (and the horizontal rule) have now disappeared.

I have checked this in dozens of browsers, and only IE11 on a Win8.1 machine displays this problem. It does not happen in IE11 on a Win7 PC. After clearing the cache and restarting the browser (or waiting a long time), the menu will work properly again (until the next refresh).

Expected Results:

The main Flash menu on www.spatialglobal.com should continue to display sub-menus under the 'About’, ‘Products’ and ‘Customers’ tabs after a page refresh.

Actual Results:


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