Intermittent Digest authentication failures with XMLHttpRequest

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Apr 27, 2014
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Repro Steps:

A javascript-enabled application runs from a site that uses digest authentication.

On accessing the site, the server (apache) issues a 401 and the standard pop-up/authentication succeeds.

Some time later, the user triggers js that:
Creates an XMLHttpRequest object
Initializes it for an async post
Sends data

As seen in a wireshark trace (and with IE script debugging):

Normally, IE sends the cached credentials as Authorization, and the onreadystatechange function reaches 4 (DONE).

Sometimes, the server sends a 401, IE never responds. onreadystatechange only reaches 1. Eventually, the server closes the connection with a 408 (timeout).

However, the XMLHttpRequest never completes. It should re-send the request with the new digest, transparently to the js. One might understand if it completed with a 401 status. It does neither.

It appears that this happens when the server times out the Digest, and sends a 401 response, including “stale=true” in the challenge.

Once in this state, repeating the request produces the same hang (and another incomplete XMLHttpRequest).

Refreshing the page and immediately re-submitting the request authenticates properly.

Firefox behaves correctly.

Expected Results:

XMLHttpRequest sends the Digest authenticator and completes.

Worst case, it reports an error status and completes.

Hanging forever is not expected (or acceptable).

Actual Results:


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