INPUT TYPE=FILE is uploading deselected files

Duplicate Issue #106580 • See Issue #105275


Apr 27, 2014
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See progress on Bug #105275
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

Create an HTML Form with multiple INPUT TYPE=FILE elements
Submit the form
View the contents of the HTTP Multipart request received at the server

Expected Results:

When user deselects a file for <INPUT TYPE=FILE> , IE 11 should respect user deselection and NOT upload a file for said INPUT in the HTTP Multipart request

Actual Results:


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    • This bug continues to occur in both IE11 and Edge as of 04/07/2016.

      It is incorrectly marked as a duplicate of Issue# 105275.

      When user deselects a file to upload, IE11 and Edge continue to submit the Deselected file in the HTTP/S POST request.

      Steps to reproduce Deselection:
      a) Select File to upload so that the name of the file to upload is displayed in the File Input control on the HTML form

      b) Click on File name, in the HTML File Input Control. IE11 or Edge will now launch the “File Selection” dialog. Click Cancel in the File Selection Dialog

      c) You are now viewing the HTML File Input Control on the HTML Form, and, the cursor is active and within the HTML File Input Control.

      d) Hit the Backspace key to delete the File name from the HTML File Input Control on the HTML Form.

      e) You are now viewing an empty HTML File Input Control, so you are of the impression that you have successfully deselected your file to upload, and, nothing will be uploaded.

      f) Submit the HTML Form. Your deselected File, is submitted in the HTTP Request,

    • Agree with the above user, this is not a duplicate of #105275 and it has not been fixed

    • This bug has existed in IE10 and IE11 and was never fixed.

      It was reported in the old IE forums in 2014.

      As Microsoft Edge browser appears to use some parts of the codebase of IE11, this bug is also in Microsoft Edge.

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