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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

a. Find an average user and ask him/her to send you feedback somehow;

b. Try clicking your tabs in full screen.

c. Download on low-end pc, then go browsing with downloads window opened, then return after few moments and check download speed. It should be above your normal speed.

d. Try downloading several files from the same or several different websites. You should see the bar staying at the bottom of the page.

e. Create a folder within Favorites bar and name it "Windows". Try deleting it’s contents or the folder. You should encounter problems.

f. Give a Mozilla or Chrome user some time with IE 11 and see how it goes. He will immediately spot the big gap - no support for his favorite add-ons like AdBlock, FastestFox/Chrome, downloaders, picture viewers and many more.

g. See under "f".

h. Browse in IE 11 on Windows 7 Ultimate with it’s default settings (I think).

I. Get an average user to try to find a way to pin a website or create a shortcut to it.

Expected Results:

a. Should be one of the first things to find when looking in IE options;

b. Upon moving mouse at the top of the page, menu, tabs and everything else should reappear.

c. Download speeds should be correct;

d. The notification should go away, or at least shouldn’t be so conspicuous.

e. All of the favorites should be easy to move, delete or anything which an average user would want.

f. More support would be nice.

g. FAQ would be nice. Also all of these unpopular functions could be a part of an advance options which could be enabled/disabled when a user feels like it. More intuitive IE browser UI could be better. Menu and command bar could be merged.

h. No crashing so much? :)

I. New features like pinning or something similar. (Is this already present? I can’t find it)

Actual Results:


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