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Robert S.
Jan 27, 2017
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MS Edge is not working nearly as well as Chrome for my Facebook publishing. The dropdown list of notifications goes away unexpectedly and won’t hold position of the list. The right edge scrolling bar is too narrow. When replying to a contact the Edge freezes frequently to the point that the page requires reloading thus losing the message. It’s is so bad that I am going back to Chrome until you get these serious problems fixed. I publish articles that I write to a few dozen sites totaling nearly half a million members. Thanks.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

    • Thanks for the feedback on Edge. We are consistently working to improve the speed and reliability of the browser. These updates will come regularly so make sure to keep your PC up to date so that you can receive these enhancements.

      All the best,

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

      Changed Title from “Mr.” to “Edge Facebook Problems”

    • I am sorry Brad, but how can you close this issue. I don’t know why i keep using Edge…maybe i am to much fanboy to see all these problems you create :(

      Steps to reproduce that issue:

      • Open a fresh box of a surfacebook2 (it’s hardware of your company, isn’t it, so you should be able to test your software on it??)
        => Important: Don’t install any other software and don’t connect any hardware to it, except power supply
      • Install all Windows Updates
      • Do it several times, cause this will fail very often (in some cases, download 1709 ISO and install manually)
      • Open Edge
      • Surf to www.facebook.de (i think facebook.com will cause the same experience)
      • Login
      • Surf around for 5minutes

      BÄM! Facebook is so slow as you would use a 10year old lowrange pc.

      I am not able to attach pictures or videos here, but you may have a look on my facebook profile, where you can see a picture of me sitting in front of 2 brand new surfacebook2 and one surfacebook1 that all complain about failing updates and slow Facebook experience.

    • This is a consistent problem with Edge on the Facebook pages. When trying to type comments the typing is consistently 1-5 seconds behind the keystroke and sometimes longer. It is very frustrating, especially when trying to backspace to make a correction in typing, it is usually faster just to close edge and open up Facebook on Chrome and avoid the frustration. What is doubly frustrating is to continually get a notification saying Edge is better than Chrome when the usage of it proves otherwise.

    • I think the problem is about the massive RAM usage of the Facebook pages in Edge. The tab normaly uses 1-1.5GB of Ram at my account.

    • Same problem.
      I am also running into similar issues even after installing all the latest updates.

      Whenever I try to browse Facebook there is flickering of the Chat List (Black background every now and then) and sometimes for the entire page as well.

      I followed all the steps which are listed as a remedy (or possible troubleshooting steps) but to no use.
      All these issues are there only in Edge on Windows 10 but not on Chrome.

      I guess Google understands the web better than Microsoft.

      PS. It hurts after having developed and tested so many .NET and .NET core web applications in IE 6,7,8,9,10 etc (for version compatibility issues) that the most advanced browser on the Microsoft Platform fails to render one of the most browsed pages over the internet.

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