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Prenom N.
Jan 30, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

[Updated Repro]

  1. Open Outlook.exe (2016 full client)
  2. Open MS Edge to onedrive.com folder
  3. Drag Email from outlook.exe to Edge\onedrive folder
        - Icon will change to what appears is the drag and drop icon
        - Email is not uploaded.


  1. Open Outlook.exe (2016 full client)
  2. Open MS Edge to onedrive.com folder
  3. Drag Email from outlook.exe to desktop
  4. Drag Email from desktop to Edge\onedrive folder. 
       - email is now uploaded.

[Customer Repro]

I don’t understand who is behind :

  1. http://outlook-drag-drop-to-browser.com/
  2. https://outlook2web.com/
  3. http://www.wilutions.com/ddaddin/index.html
    and so on…

Why this feature isn’t included in outlook ! I paid outlook license and my users need to drag and drop message and attachement from outlook directly to browser and I need to pay for my entreprise 65k for this little feature #WTH
This feature is here since 4 years on web and forum can you please do something! Actually I need to go trough explorer drop my file to directory explorer then drag and drop .msg to my webapp !! I want when dragging convert my file to .msg and drop it on my web app !


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Comments and activity

  • We do need this feature. We have about 1000 users currently using drag drop with a small drop area applet on the web application. We need to get rid of java applet due to its security issues as well as nonsupport for most modern browsers.

    outlook 2 web does solve our requirement but providing the license for 1000+ web users doesn’t make sense. Please advise.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

  • This issue is important for us as well. When will it be resolved?

  • any ETA here this bug or behavior is blocking me to have good UX to my users ! We are in a webapp world ! and some feature are famous and required ! I paid my licence I won’t pay others 3th party program to have this feature !

  • Here you have my GIF example from outlook to internet explorer 11. If you want you can only blocking this to Microsoft products (ie or edge) I don’t care ! Because certainly the discussion on your part is “other browser will profits to the feature like chrome or ff lol” So what are you thinking about ? any news here… will be nice to hear someone about this request 4 years old ! I’m not first asking this feature… Some says it’s not internet explorer bugs some says others things… can you let us know any news ?

  • no news here?!?!

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Steps to Reproduce

    Changed Assigned To to “Sermet I.”

    Changed Assigned To to “OLXTRIAGE”

  • Extremely important issue, please resolve this

  • Hello, i don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t manage this point.

    The problem is known.

    When you drag an attachment out of Outlook 2010, it puts the following on the clipboard:


    In contrast, when you drag a file from Windows Explorer, you’ll see


  • Hi All,

    I am a freelancer and solve the above problem by developing a plugin. If any one interested then i can sell that at one time cost with unlimited users.

    Even Microsoft want to purchase it then also i would be glad to give this to them with full rights.

  • So I wonder why others can do it with an AddIn, but Microsoft doesn’t want to do it? In my company it is a huge problem not beeing able do drag&drop from outlook directly to our (internally) web applications based on html5. We pay a lot of money for Enterprise Agreement, Office 365 and varoius User CAL’s and simple drag&drop does not work. Hard to understand…

  • Miscrosoft aim to be always udpated in their tools and add last feature, users requirement but here I supsect microsoft team to be owner of theses 3th party lib I mentioned above. If this will be fixed one day please don’t make it only possible with INTERNET EXPLORER be open and make test on firefox chrome opera, it’s strict minimum. Thanks.

    cc @OLXTRIAGE @OSG V. @Louis S. @microsoft

    ps: to @Anonymous Jul 23, 2017 > please understand microsoft don’t need buy your plugin LOL they can add it wtihout any problems, it’s just about changing content in “drag” event not difficult at all ! but you are optimistic to buy your plugin to MS hehe

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Scott M.”

  • I created an free, open source Outlook add-in to solve this issue: https://tonyfederer.github.io/OutlookFileDrag/

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