does not have a clean HTML5 fallback on Edge

By design Issue #10729471


Jan 30, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to in Edge
  2. Do not allow flash to run on the page. Flash is blocked by default because of the Flash Click To Run feature
  3. Try to play any music on the site

Observation - Flash is required to play music. No HTML5 fallback

Expected - Chrome has a HTML5 fallback. We should also be able to get that fallback


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “ecoengie”

      Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

      Changed Assigned To from “ecoengie” to “Kelly Y.”

    • For Windows Insiders, Flash Click to Run (

      ) was turned on in Edge starting on Windows 10 Build 15002.


      The Edge developers have investigated and when using the F12 Developer tools to change the UA string and emulate Chrome the audio played as expected and there is file called “fallback.php” being used in place of Flash.


      We’ve outreached to Deezer to ask if it possible to provide Edge users an HTML5 fallback for audio streaming, similar to the experience that other browsers like Chrome receive.

    • As seen with you on email, we are working on it.
      The main issue is that Edge does not support playing MP3 with MSE. We’ve been told it need to be packed in a MP4 first.

      Could you tell me which MP4 boxes are required in order to play something on Edge?

      Also, it seems there is a bug in Edge ; MediaSource.isTypeSupported(‘audio/mp4; codecs="mp3"’) returns false but we’ve been told by microsoft employees it should work. Are you aware of this issue?

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “Kelly Y.” to “Web P.”

      Changed Status from “Site Outreach” to “By design”

    • Resolving bug.  Partner is blocked due to limitations in Edge.  Edge does not support MP3 in MP4 container and will return “false” to “MediaSource.isTypeSupported(‘audio/mp4; codecs="mp3"’)”

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