IE10 Dynamic Table Insertion Hang

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce

IMPORTANT REPRO NOTE: The linked repro on takes a very long time to load. This in and of itself should be filed as a new bug. Loading the same repro from the file system takes almost no time at all.




Repro Steps:

Link to jsFiddle example referenced above: (give it plenty of time to load)

  1. Click on “Load Rows”
  2. Wait for rows to be loaded, and alternating row colors to be applied.
  3. Click at least 3 times on a table header in IE10. The browser will freeze. Issue does not exist in other browsers (including other versions of IE).

Expected Results:

The expected behavior is that after clicking the “Load Rows” link, the rows will be added dynamically to the table and the tablesorting widget will be initialized. Then the user should be able to click the table headers, which will sort the rows.

Actual Results:


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