FEATURE REQUEST: IE11, Tracking Protection List (TPL) SHOULD BLOCK requests made from Flash, XMLHttpRequest and CSS

By design Issue #107511


Apr 27, 2014
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Repro Steps:

Use the internal F12 web developer console in IE11 to verify that block rules in a TPL are useless against requests initiated from a xmlhttprequest, css property, or flash. This makes TPL virtually meaningless in the World of the modern web.

Expected Results:

A block filter (-d <some domain> [partial string match]) in a Tracking Protection List should block a request for resources - a URI - whether that request originates from a src-property in a html-tag (e.g. <frame>, <img>, <script>), Flash content, CSS (e.g. background-image: <url>) or XMLHttpRequest.

Actual Results:


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