Feature Request: Placement of search provider icons in the drop-down search bar would be better static.

By design Issue #107777


Apr 27, 2014
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Repro Steps:

If one is on a slow connection, using a search provider with graphical suggestions (e.g. wikipedia) or is just typing quickly and does not wait for the suggestions to appear, the search icons initially appear just below the search bar, but a fraction of a second later, the icons move downwards, even if one is just about to click on them.

Many times have I accidentally clicked on the wrong Wikipedia article suggestion due to this!

Expected Results:

The behavior is as expected, but is frustrating and slows down fast users of the search bar.

The search provider icons would be much better placed just below the search bar, but above the lazily-loaded suggestions, so their placement is static and cannot change as the suggestions are loaded and displayed.

Actual Results:


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