narrow reading view does not scroll correctly when zoomed in

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Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

Any site with enough text to allow scrolling will work. I was looking at when I noticed this behavior.

  1. Put IE in narrow mode (turn device to a portrait orientation, or put IE into a split pane).
  2. Open a site in reading view. It should have a single column with vertical scrolling, not the wide multi-column layout.
  3. Double-tap on the text, zooming in and removing the margins.
  4. Take note of the last visible sentence and hit Page Down.
    => vertical scroll bar visual does not appear
    => last visible sentence should be at the top of the screen, but it has scrolled off and is not visible
  1. Uncheck reading view.
  2. Double-tap the text area that was shown in reading view.
  3. Hit Page Down.
    => vertical scroll bar appears, as expected
    => bottom of previous view is now at the top of the screen, and not scrolled off

Expected Results:

The scroll behavior in reading view should be the same as when you zoom in on an element in normal view. In particular, you should still see the scroll bar when you use page up/down and arrow up/down keys, and page up/down should not skip past content when zoomed.

Actual Results:


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