Window loses focus after closing Windows Security dialog

Issue #109213 • Assigned to Rajat J.


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce





  1. Open two instances of Notepad
  2. Open one instance of Calc
  3. Open PSR.exe (Problem state recorder)
  4. Open IE to about:blank (maximized)
  5. Open IE to about:blank and resize the window to be smaller than the security dlg.
  6. In the small IE window go to the following website
  7. When prompted type “yournamehere” for the username and do not enter a password
  8. Click OK and remove your hand from the mouse.
  9. you will be reprompted for username\password ** Don’t touch the mouse and wait you will see the security dlg move behind the IE window **
    — I have seen the dlg move behind the IE window when I was typing my username and focus was still in the text input of the window behind the top level IE window (this was on IE 11 RTM Win 8.1)

Issue is not always easy to repro you can see the attached videos of my repro.

RTM video you will see the window reorder before I get a chance to click ok or hit enter after typing my username.

            Below this line you will find the old repro steps

Copied from 790424, but not with a URI:

  1. Open IE, and at least two other programs – I have Outlook opened and maximized when I do this.
  1. Enter the URL of any site that requires Basic, Digest, or Windows Authentication. For example,
  1. Enter your username/password and press OK/Enter, or click Cancel/Close. – IE will move “behind” Outlook (or any other program that is running).

Focus should return to IE window that generated the dialog.

Focus goes to a different program.


  1. Open IE any version of IE10 or IE11 and goto URL. or you can just goto and click on Members Only Area button at bottom left corner of page(scroll down)…
  1. Login dialog will open and
  2. hit ok or enter key and see if the dialog refreshes or it logs you in…


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