using the norwegian authenticity method BankID does not work

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John O.
Feb 11, 2017
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Needs root cause
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Steps to reproduce

Many Norwegian banking and government sites uses the Norwegian standard for signing safe into accounts, called BankID. In Internet Explorer it works fine to sign-in to an account using this standard, however in Microsoft Edge you just get an error.


  1. Go to a Norwegian banking site’s login-page (that supports Bank-ID as authenticity method), try:

  2. Type a random 11 digit number into the field under "Skriv inn brukernavn (11 siffer)", it does not matter for the scenario if the username is right or wrong

  3. Check “Logg på med BankID”

  4. Click “Neste”

  5. Observe that you get an error which translated is saying “An error has occurred. Close all browsers and try again.”


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