Can't upload jpg images with Edge or IE

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Rakesh M.
Feb 20, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

I can’t upload jpgs to ANY site using edge or IE. Invariably, literally EVERY site that I try to upload a JPG to, gives me an error indicating that it doesn’t recognize the file format. EVERY OTHER BROWSER HANDLES THIS BASIC FUNCTIONALITY CORRECTLY.

This is clearly a bug, and MS is the only company whose browsers can’t so something so common and basic as UPLOAD A JPG FILE.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

  • Could you provide us with a sample URL where this is happening at please?

    I am able to upload images to most forms without issues. 

    Please provide clear repro steps and reactivate so that we can investigate.

    All the best,
    The MS Edge Team

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Brad E.”

  • I have yet to find a site where it DOES work.

    Repro steps:
    Find a page, say
    Try to upload an image. Browse to the image.
    I’m invariably forced to use a different browser to do this on lots of site… Pixoto, Visura, Niume… and every non-MSFT browser always does this correctly, including Brave.

  • Image upload doesn’t work on either.

  • Changed Status from “Not reproducible”

  • It’s still broken.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

  • Hi Rakesh,

    Sorry you are having this issue.  Would you mind repeating an upload with the Edge Browser debugger running with the ‘Console’ tab selected?

    1. Go to the upload site.  Hit F12 and then select the ‘Console’ tab.

    2. Ctrl-F5 to reload the page without using any cached files.

    Please take a screenshot of the console window of the debugger after the test is completed and upload it here.

    Thank you for the help with this,

    The MS Edge Team

  • Are you still having this issue?  If you are, I recommend clearing your browsing history as well.

    Here is the link for instructions on clearing your browser history.

    I.e. this is not a known issue and should work properly in the version of MS Edge you are using.  I.e. 14393.

    I want to make sure this gets resolved as soon as possible for you.

    Let us know.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Not reproducible”

  • Hi,
    I just realize this was closed by “Not reproducible” but this issue is still actual at least at for example. Tried yesterday with latest creators update installed.
    No picture upload with edge, ever. None.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

    Changed Status from “Not reproducible”

  • Hi Konstantin,

    I just tested an upload on 15063.138 (Creators Update) to, and was not able to repro this issue.  I do not doubt that it is not working for you and would like to get more information to determine the cause.

    Do you have any extensions running?  Can you try another upload without extensions?

    Also, if you could provide a screenshot of the debugger console when you are trying to upload an image?

    Thank you for the help,

    The MS Edge Team

  • Hi All,

    I wanted to check-in and see if this issue is still reproducible in the latest updates and without extensions?

    Thank you,


  • Yes, it’s still broken. I can’t upload anything to anywhere except here with it. Even Nimia… upload a clip in IE, no problem. Edge? Network errors. Same machine.

  • Hi Rakesh,

    Can you take a fiddler capture and send it in?  Also, I would like to see the output of the console.

    Thank you,


  • My photos that I have uploaded to Google Drive become a CV file and can’t be opened :(

  • Hello all,

    As I mentioned, the issues in this bug report are not known Edge issues.  Given that and because I do not have more information to debug further, e.g. Fiddler traces, I recommend a clean install of Windows 10 or Edge by itself.  I also plan to close this ticket as ‘no repro.’  If you see these issues again after performing the suggestions below, then please re-open this ticket.  Also, a fiddler capture would be very useful.

    Here are the suggestions:
    1)  Clean install of Windows 10.  Option to save personal files

    1. Clean re-install of Edge - not officially supported.  See the last post on the 2nd page of this link:

    or this link:

    Thank you for the submissions,


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

  • One again, this time on the BECU site, attempting to upload a jpg:
    File chosen: Enchantment-Lakes- 178.jpg
    This doesn’t seem to be a photo. Please select a file with one of these extensions: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp

  • It’s an Edge issue. Clearly this has several people submitting their feedback on a common issue. I have a computer programming background so this would be something I could fix on my own.

    All third party browsers don’t have this issue. Microsoft Edge is the first and only browser that I have come across this issue. It may be something with an Edge or Windows permissions possibly.

    This needs to get looked into because something as simple as uploading photos shouldn’t be this much of an issue, and is also reasons to why no one wants to use Edge. I’m giving it a shot and so far that is a glaring issue that needs to be addressed. If you want to keep people on it to use (and obviously track on your end), then I’d fix this problem.

    I have also clean installed Windows 10 and Edge at separate times. Same issue.

  • Changed Status from “Not reproducible”

  • It doesn’t work on LinkedIn, either.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • I would like to check a couple things and am requesting additional information.

    1. Open the “Internet Properties” control panel.  Win + S and type 'inetcpl.cpl’.  Then go to the “Advanced” Tab and screenshot each of the settings.  This might take a handful of screenshots to get all the settings.  After doing that, click the "Restore advanced settings".  Try to the upload that was failing before.
    1. Make sure all extensions are disabled and repeat the failed test.

    Can someone provide a network capture using the F12 debugger and another screenshot showing any errors from Edge’s debugger console?

    There was an issue when trying to load files from a network drive.  Make sure to test with files on your local hard drive.  I.e. not from any cloud provider or network drive.  I want to simplify the failure conditions.  Also, make sure the files are not opened in another program.

    Appreciate the help sorting this out.


  • Steve, I am trying to help to track this down but please see if I am doing this F12 debbuger approach right. I will attach a screenshot from console/errors (empty) and a trace of the network tab. I cleared it, tried to upload a jpg and saved the trace. Is there useful information in it? If not I will try to change/improve my approach.

  • Attached 500px.har and 2017-10-24.png to this thread.

  • Hi Konstantin,

    Appreciate the help with this.  I was able to use the har file you sent.  Was that taken during a test that failed?  I did not see anything out of the ordinary.  I see the language is German.  Will investigate to see what impact that has on any of the encoding.  Not really thinking that could be the issue.

    Also, just to cover the obvious items, is the test file you are uploading a JPEG image?  Can you check the file header or attach an image that is failing to upload?  I will try to use the same image to repro this.

    Also, there is another tool that is a bit more powerful called fiddler4.  If you could install that and send a capture.  You can attach it with 'private-' appended to the filename to make it not publicly visible.

    From what I have now it appears the server is rejecting the upload.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Steven,

    no problem. May be we sort this out in the end, why not? May be I am doing something “weird” with my system other people (not all) do also what triggers this…

    Regarding language is german the first thing is this: My windows 8 license/installation DVD was a german one. After installation I switched anything I could grab my hands on to en_US, including the keyboard. While located indeed in Germany I have an en_US layout, too. Meanwhile the capture was taken with a new installation created with media creation tool because I installed my system and license to a new SSD. All was en_Us including the installation USB stick created.

    The error was taken with but happens also for example at and all other jpeg-file-upload-thingy-sites.

    The file uploaded was a JPEG created with my android smartphone Moto G5 plus, but the error is the same with pictures taken by my Nikon DSLR or random jpegs from the internet.

    However, I will attach the file the error was captured with. I totally bet and trust it works from your machine/setup… I will investigate the fiddler4 approach later, my time is limited this evening.


  • Side note: JPEG upload for the file worked on this site well now :-)

  • lol, I agree with that.  Why not figure this out.  :-)

    I will continue to investigate.  I think a fiddler trace will make this a bit easier to see if we are missing something.

    Another question for you.  The same test case is working on other Windows machines you have access to?  If you could, take a fiddler trace on a working machine as well.

    Thanks again for the help,


  • Hi!
    I have a desktop and a notebook with native win10 installations at same state (regarding my language settings and version(s)) which show the same error. On an installation with a windows 10 technical preview in a virtualbox instance it does not work too, but the error looks different: After choosing the file to upload the spinner rotates a couple of seconds, nothing happens then, spinner stops. On my regular native installations the error popup is displayed.
    I am investigating to install this fiddler4 debug tool (hoping for a clean uninstall after) but I have one question: How do I hide or obfuscate my login credentials (i.e. the whole authentification) for the site before uploading?
    In my understanding they would show up in the recorded session, or not? In parallel I am searching the web for particular this.

    PS.: Sorry for replying so late, while I keep my track on this I have less time for this at the moment, but I try my best :-?


  • Still failing on 500px, which probably means you haven’t bothered trying to upload anything to 500px.

    I added a screen grab. It looks like you’re reporting the wrong file type, since this is a common error in edge and IE… but I don’t expect it to get fixed, because you’ve been ignoring it for so long while pretending that it doesn’t exist…

  • @Konstantin, I just noticed in the image that you uploaded a while ago that you have “Adguard AdBlocker” enabled?  Can you try to upload again without any extensions enabled?

    @Rakesh, I am not able to reproduce this issue.  I did mention that below.

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem. It was working well in all sites, until it stopped in all sites at the same time. I first noticed with Google Pictures. But the problem also happens in Facebook when uploading a picture.
    Opening an InPrivate window doesn’t solve the issue. Cleaning cache and cookies doesn’t solve the issue.

    Google Pictures fail to upload


    1. Logs an error in the console.
        SCRIPT5022: SCRIPT5022: CustomError: Error in protected function: Unable to get property 'style' of undefined or null reference
    _tv_Videos (308,94)
    1. Sends an error log to Google server'style'%20of%20undefined%20or%20null%20reference&line=Not%20available) 


    1. Upload the file correctly with a call." 

    In Edge the call to “” is never made, or it doesn’t shows for some other reason in the Network tab of Developer Tools.
    In both browsers all calls return code is 200.

    Facebook fail to upload


    1. Logs an error log to the console.
        ErrorUtils caught an error: "Object doesn't support property or method 'set'". Subsequent errors won't be logged; see
    c1m7DOvVPnM.js (49,4372)
    1. The call to download the preview image nevers finishes. It has the status (Pending).


    1. Uploads the file.
    1. Shows a preview of the uploaded image.

    Edge doesn’t shows any call to “…” in the Network tab in the Developer Tools.
    In both browsers all calls return code is 200. Except for “…” in Edge that never finishes.

    I will suggest that you contact Facebook or Google as they will have more data on fails to upload to their services when using Microsoft Edge. And they will be also willing to solve the issue. It doesn’t seems and easy bug to find if you can’t reproduce it yourself.

    I hope this information may help you to solve the issue.

  • @Josep, thank you for the detailed response and debugging.  Can you tell me if you have any extensions enabled?  If so, can you remove them and try your testing again?  This behavior could be explained by an extension.  Extension can have access to the content of webpages and modify them as needed.

  • I would like to get a WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) trace from the user’s that are experiencing this issue.  This will let us know if the access is getting blocked internally.  The procedures to collect this is detailed below.
    To capture a Netsh WFP diagnostics session
    1. Open a command prompt with Administrator permissions.
    2. At the command prompt, change the current folder to your desktop by running the command: cd %userprofile%\desktop
    3. To start the capture, run the command netsh wfp capture start.
    4. Reproduce the networking problem whose cause you are trying to diagnose.
    5. To complete the capture, run the command netsh wfp capture stop. The output file is stored in the current folder.

    Rename the file to “” and attach it to this ticket.  Adding the "private-" at the beginning of the file blocks public access to this file and makes it Microsoft only visibility.  The file should have been created on your Desktop.

    Appreciate the help with this.

  • @Steven

    You are right. For me it was an extension.

    I guess that it was updated and has a bug. Because I have had it without problems before. I will notify the creators of the extension, so they know that there is an issue.

    Thank you for your fast and efficient help.

  • @Steven, indeed me stupid forgot to disable the Adguard adblocker extension I have installed. May be because I tried several times without it, even on a fresh install without it not yet installed. It is the same error message I get every time.

  • I disabled the Adguard extension (no other extensions installed), logged into Then I started the capture, hit upload button, selected jpg (created from my Nikon DSLR with Capture NX-D) hit OK and got the error popup. Then I stopped network capturing.

    I attach now. I hope this helps a little bit to inspect closer since I trust the other people it started to work on their computers suddenly, some not. Weird…

    Kind regards, Konstantin

  • @Josep, thank you for confirming it was an extension.  Can you tell me what extension it was so that we can work with the vendor is needed?

    @Konstantin, thank you for providing the trace file.  We will take a look at it.  Also, want to thank you for being willing to see this one through. It was tricky because it was not a known issue.  Meaning we did not know a way to reproduce it.  I had seen reports of this but never a clear repro. :-)


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “By design”

  • Tried all of these, STILL can’t upload jpegs to any site with Microsoft Edge. My advice to anyone else, go back to Internet Explorer, works every time and is more stable than Edge :(

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