Changing screen sizes makes F12 tools too high and hide the resize bar

Issue #11013698 • Assigned to Karthik R.


Fabian W.
Feb 21, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

I use RDP to connect to a Windows Server 2016 machine. My first Client machine has a 4k Display so RDP is 4k as well. I use Internet Explorer to develop a Website on the remote Server. I use F12 Tools and resize them to use half window size. (maybe a height of something like 1000 Pixels).

Later I rdp into the same Server from another Client which has only a FullHD Display. I open Internet Explorer and then I open the F12 Tools. Now the F12 tool try to take the same size as earlier and are too high. At this Point, I do not see anything from the web site any more and I do not see the top end of the F12 Tools so I cannot resize them anymore.

The only Workaround is to reconnect from the 4k machine and resize the dev Tools from there.

I develop on Windows Server 2016 because BizTalk is involved. There is no Edge and Company policy make it hard to install other Browsers, so if you only fix security for IE11, what should I do?


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