FEATURE REQUEST: Internet Explorer 11 Home Button changes location/disappears on Windows 7

Won’t fix Issue #110940


Apr 27, 2014
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Steps to reproduce



Repro Steps:

Place a shortcut to any URL into the startup folder. On startup the desired URL will appear but the home button will be missing.

Expected Results:

Even when launching sites on startup there should be a Home button in the right hand corner as this provides a uniform experience to users. Pages launched at startup may point to a different URL than the intended home page for users.

A company may have an intranet page launched at startup which provides useful notifications to users. However the default home button behaviour is to direct users to a popular search engine such as Bing. Currently a user would have to shut down the browser and then restart it from the Internet Explorer icon in either the taskbar or start menu in order to get a Home button.

Actual Results:


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