IE 11 and Wordpad of Windows 8.1

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Apr 27, 2014
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Repro Steps:

Open Microsoft Word 2010. Go to the Office options and enable the “Developer” tab. After that click the ActiveX toolbar icon to select an ActiveX control from the list. Choose "Microsoft Web Browser". Save the file as “Web Archive” (MHTML). Then open it a text editor like Notepad, and set the “Location” parameter to a website, let´s say Save it. Open it in Word 2010 again and click the yellow bar to allow the ActiveX to be started. Save the document as Rich Text Format (RTF). Now open in Wordpad of Windows 8.1. A security warning is shown and you don´t have the ability to allow the control to initialize or not. This is the same security warning for killbited Activex Controls. But, these killbited ActiveX Controls have an entry in the registry in one of the paths I mentioned.

Expected Results:

be able to either view the website upon double clicking the area representing the Web browser control or see the Web Browser control CLSID present in one of the registry entries that is supposed to “kill” an ActiveX control like :


Actual Results:


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