Video MSE issues as of March 01 2017

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David V.
Mar 3, 2017
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Current MSE implementation in IE and Edge has two major issues:

  1. Unlike in Chrome, MSE player needs 2-3 seconds of content to start playing, so you cannot get a sub-second latency with live stream. Sometimes Edge and IE tries to play too early and as a result it only plays key-frames.

  2. Seamless switch to another media does not work well. According to MSE spec, browsers should provide seamless switch to another media after new BMFF video/mp4 initialization segment. That issue exists in other browsers as well.

Context: Unreal Media Server sends very short (30-500 ms) length BMFF video/mp4 segments via WebSockets. That allows to achieve very low latency (0.2 - 1 sec) and works in Chrome pretty well but in Edge and IE you have issue #1.

Unreal Media Server also supports live playlists so you can switch the same live stream to a different content. In that case a new initialization segment is sent but it only works well with video-only streams; if audio exists then it stops playing or playing badly.

On the demo page
you can see a link to HTML5 player stream; that stream demonstrates issue #1. The link to live playlist with timeshift, if attempted with HTML5 player, would produce issue #2.

Unreal Media Server:

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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. After thorough testing, we are unable to reproduce a unique problem in Edge; the delay in the playback is consistent across major browsers. Please reopen this case when you can provide more details, such as video capture or a performance analysis (of both Chrome and MS Edge browsers) for further investigation.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

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