MS Edge does not recalculate style for :disabled pseudo-class followed by sibling combinator

Issue #11295231 • Assigned to Bogdan B.


Ron O.
Mar 16, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

Given a CSS rule that uses a :disabled pseudo-class followed by a sibling combinator such as input:disabled + span, MS Edge fails to properly recalculate and re-apply updated styles to the sibling (span in the given example) element when the element to which the :disabled pseudo-class is applied, toggles its disabled state.

Minimal reproducing test case

Known workaround

A known workaround is to have another CSS rule that uses the disabled attribute followed by a sibling combinator. This rule can be empty (no properties) and can even target a completely non-existant type of element. It just needs to be there.

A minimal sufficient rule to avoid the issue from occuring anywhere in the loaded document is: [disabled] ~ _ {}


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    • Just stumbled across this issue today myself. I noticed the fiddle used to demonstrate the issue is gone, so here’s my version:

      The background on the label should be red when the page loads, but does not change color until you hover over the label. Thankfully Ron’s workaround does fix the issue until the Edge team fixes the bug. I’m on EdgeHTML 17.17134.

    • Is there any update on this? The bug is causing problems for my team as well.

      Here is the GitHub issue:

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