Wrong drawing table

Won’t fix Issue #11307079


Mar 17, 2017
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  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

The page (format .mht) is displayed incorrectly if the table contains pictures. Please see attachment file.


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Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • Hello maximys,
    Thank you for providing your feedback on IE.
    We are not accepting feedback on Internet Explorer through this portal any longer.  We welcome any feedback you have on Microsoft Edge using this website.  This item will be closed as Won’t fix, in the meantime, you can visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/gp/support-options-for-business and open a support incident and work with our support team to address this IE issue.
    Also, by chance did you use the zoom in/out feature in one of the browsers and not the other.  I.e. Ctrl ‘+’’ or Ctrl '-'?  This could also cause the behaviour you are seeing.
    All the best,
    The MS Edge Team

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Won’t fix”

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