WebDriver with latest commands for Win 10 Enterprise 10240

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Thomas N.
Mar 17, 2017
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I have work version of windows 10 enterprise 10240 and personal laptop has windows 10 pro 14393. The web site I am testing is a Responsive Web site. Each tests is designed to run across multiple OS / Device platforms, to do this they check screen size often to determine if the test is running against a mobile device or OS browser.

The version of web driver for my work laptop 10240 throws exceptions whenever WebDriver.Manage().Window.Size is called to check the browser size. On my personal laptop with 14393 the tests run fine. My work laptop updates are control by our infrastructure team.

If I try to use WebDriver 14393 on work Laptop I get exception ordinal 870 not found

What version of Windows 10 Enterprise will work with WedDriver 10-0-14393?
If there is not one how do we get WebDriver with most resent command implementation for Win 10 Enterprise 10240?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

    • Just wanted to check on any update on this. I see it was assigned to someone. Need to get a MicrosoftWebDriver with latest functionality that will work on Windows enterprise 10240.

      Thank you

    • Hi Thomas,

      The Microsoft WebDriver server version release numbering matches the Windows 10 OS Build versioning as displayed in winver.exe (enter winver.exe in the Start Search box.)  These versions must match, or you will see the error you are seeing.

      As a tip, I usually create a folder named with the MicrosoftWebDriver.exe release number and put the corresponding exe into that folder.  E.g. for testing on Hyper-V instances or for usage in other environments.


      You can search the following page for information on which commands and W3C WebDriver specification are supported by each MicrosoftWebDriver.exe version:


      Windows 10 Release 10586 is the oldest version with the windowHandle/Size support.

      POST    /session/:sessionId/window/:windowHandle/size    Supported    10586
      GET    /session/:sessionId/window/:windowHandle/size    Supported    10586

      A way to test on a 10586 machine would be to use Selenium Grid.  This also allows testing from Azure or other remote environments.  The “remote” environment will need to be at 10586 or preferably newer, e.g. 15063.250 or 14393.1066 (like your laptop is running.)

      I hope this is helpful,

      The MS Edge Team

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “By design”

    • Hi Thomas,

      I wanted to mention that Selenium Grid uses Remote Webdriver and you can setup a single remote instance to accomplish what you need.

      Also, I plan to close this with the unfortunate naming convention of "working as designed".  The support was added later as we discussed.

      Thank you for the support and the submission and let us know if you find additional issues,

      The MS Edge Team

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