Edge generates multiple notification toast for a single web notification

Not reproducible Issue #11372891


Kagami R.
Mar 23, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Access https://chocobo.project.so/
  2. Wait until it automatically generates a web notification (clicking an item and double-clicking map will immediately generate one but I think you will have to wait some time until the bug reproduces)
  3. Edge generates multiple same notifications at the same time but the notification center only shows a single one


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    Comments and activity

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

    • Hi Kagami,

      Thank you for the bug report. However, I am not able to access that site.  Can you confirm the URL and whether it is online?  Does it have geographic restrictions?

      It would be helpful if you could provide a repro.

      The MS Edge Team

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • Hi Kagami,

      I was not able to repro this issue in the latest Edge releases and will be changing the bug’s state to ‘no repro’ at this time.  If you can provide additional repro information, we will be more than happy to investigate.

      Your feedback is extremely helpful as it helps us to improve the quality of Microsoft Edge.  We continue to welcome more feedback and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

      Best regards,

      The MS Edge Team

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