IE11 fires "input" event for non-ASCII content in iframes

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Kai v.
Mar 27, 2017
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Steps to reproduce


  • displaying a page containing an iframe,
  • and the iframe contains (a form containing) a text box,
  • and the text box contains an accented character when the iframe contents are loaded,
    then Internet Explorer 11 fires the “input” event for the text box. This can be reproduced by loading the attached “index.html” page into IE11. (Allow scripts to be executed if IE11 prompts for this.) The page displays a prompt indicating that the event handler has been invoked.

The input event is not fired if the text box contains only ASCII characters.
The input event is not fired in Chrome.
The input event is not fired if the text box is in the top level page (outside the iframe).

The firing of the event is problematic because it invokes any attached handlers. E.g. when using JQuery UI’s Autocomplete control, the auto-complete options are displayed without the user having entered data.
A similar issue was reported for situations outside iframes when using IE10. This has been fixed in 2014: see for details.

Report based in Internet Explorer Version 11.953.14393.0, Update Versions 11.0.40 (KB4012204).


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