Can't type after removing an iframe from the page that had a focused input

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Daniel S.
Apr 3, 2017
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So, for my company’s application (, we’re using html5 pushstate routing and iframes to display older parts of our web app. However, if an input inside an iframe is focused when the iframe is removed from the page, IE11 gets in a bad state and won’t let you type anything. If you click into any input, the placeholder text goes away and the focus events fire, but the cursor doesn’t appear and you can’t type. You also can’t select text or copy/paste.

It’s taken me several days to figure out what was going on; it would be nice if this could be fixed. Right now I’m looking into workarounds to prevent this from happening to users. A few things I’ve found that make IE get in a happy state again are programmatically focusing then bluring an input, or right-clicking then choosing “Select All” in an input field.


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    • Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for providing your feedback on IE.
      We are not accepting feedback on Internet Explorer through this portal any longer. We welcome any feedback you have on Microsoft Edge using this website.

      You can visit and open a support incident and work with our support team to address this IE issue.
      The MS Edge Team

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