Some content not redrawing after certain DOM manipulation

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evgeny r.
Apr 8, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

I think that it happens with specific layouts and specifically timed DOM manipulations. I stumbled upon it when working with PayPal buttons.

Here is the repro:

To repro click on the “open modal” button and note that the background and border of the right payment button container is not rendered (both were styled the same). If you’re viewing on small screen, make sure that the modal doesn’t have a scroll for this to reproduce.


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      Changed Steps to Reproduce

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    • Thanks for reporting.  We are unable to reproduce this issue on the Creator’s update.  If you still see the issue, could you please attach a screenshot so we can be sure that we are looking for the correct symptom?  Thank you!

    • Changed Steps to Reproduce

    • Maybe it got fixed? I had my jsfiddle repro this almost 100% of the time on two different windows 10 machines. Now I can’t reproduce this on none, one of them still has 14.14393.
      Maybe some freaky OS issue caused this.

    • Another possibility is that PayPal changed their rendering code in a way that no longer triggers the bug. I didn’t try reproducing it without their buttons so now it’s definitely not reproducible.

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