DLNA devices not shown in "Cast media to device"

Confirmed Issue #11633738 • Assigned to Chi O.


Strahil K.
Apr 12, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Since the Creators Update DLNA devices do not show in the Cast media to device menu. Clicking Find other kind of devices just takes me to Settings/Bluetooth & other devices, where my DLNA device is listed as connected.
Casting from Windows Media Player(Cast to Device) works.
Edit: I tried another machine with Miracast support and my TV did show up, but when connected I got the desktop extended on the TV. So it wasn’t using it like DLNA device like before the Creators Update. I like this new feature but it would be great to also have the old behavior since it was quite handy for my older non Miracast enabled devices.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Venkat K.”

    • Changed Steps to Reproduce

    • Same issue. Updated to Creators update, lost ability cast to device from Edge browser. Until update everything vas functioning perfectly. Have to use Chromecast from Chrome until issue is fixed.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Eric B.”

    • Same issue. After receiving Creators Update, Media casting thru Microsoft Edge is no longer functioning. My DLNA devices appear connected in settings, however, Edge doesn’t recognize any DLNA devices which worked perfectly prior to the update. I use the EDGE feature to provide multimedia instruction to Middle school students enrolled in afterschool programs. Please provide a solution ASAP. Thank you.

    • Same problem here, after creator update and a clean install.

    • I have the same problem. After the Windows 10 Creators update, the Cast media to device does not work on the microsoft edge browser. The TV connected to the network does not appear

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “Eric B.” to “Chi O.”

      Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    • Same here! I have gone back to anniversary update But sooner or later will have to update again. just an answer would be nice, is it a bug or done by design. This was a great feature!!

    • Same here… on 3 machines. This feature was the ONLY thing that made me consider changing from Chrome to Edge. Now it`s gone…so is Edge for me…

    • Same problem. My favorite feature of Edge browser is broken.

    • Same Issue, please fix.

    • Cast to Device feature does not show DLNA devices but tries to find mirro devices…bad

    • cast to Devise DLNA, lütfen eski haline getirin ve çalışsın , güncelleme sonrası TV yi görmüyor.

    • Same problem, after update from ISO.

    • My DLNA device ((Xbox One ???) shows up in Windows 10 Creators update in Settings | Devices, but is not found when attempting to use Edge’s ‘Cast media to device’ feature. I also discovered that the Xbox One is not a DLNA certified device.

    • Same issue after Win10 creators update.
      Cant select DLNA devices from Edge browser anymore to cat to…

    • Same issue. After Creators update. My dnla connected TV appears in Devices but does not appear Edge-cast to media.

    • Same issue. After Creators update. My dlna connected TV appears in Devices but does not appear Edge-cast to media.

    • In the Creators update selecting “Cast media to device” from Edge now opens a “CONNECT” action centre style side bar which only includes wireless display and audio devices.  My wired DLNA devices are no longer listed

    • Is “Chi O.” going to do something about it? Or is the solution to keeping on passing the Assigned status to the next MS employee ?

    • Agree with last post Chi O is the apprentice, makes the tea as well!!

    • That’s the whole problem; if you want to get things done, you need coffee !!

    • I had the same problem even before the Creators Update: Casting from Edge to DLNA devices did not work, while it was fine with Windows Media Player with any picture, audio or video file

    • Use Chrome and vget cast ! still works fine.

    • I don’t want to use any products of Google

    • Thought ‘Development’ meant moving forward, NOT Backwards!!

    • I got the same problem, all of the sudden, after some update i wasn’t aware of i noticed ‘Cast media to device’ from Edge no longer works.
      The ‘cast to’ from File Explorer still works

    • Same to me. It was a nice feature to have the coolest in the whole win 10 experience. Hope you guys find fix.

    • Add me to the list! Everything was fine before Creators Update. Casting from Media Player is a little flaky, but eventually works, however cannot cast at all now from Edge to Panasonic DVR connected via ethernet.

    • same problem however I am trying to cast to my xbox from edge. no good. I can however cast actual files. however, I am unable to connect to my Xbox One and cast current playing media on my display. I was able to do this before the update.

    • Same issue here - cast to device is not finding my hardwired SmartTV, although it is shown in DEVICES as connected. Until Creator’s Update it was working (well, not perfect - but working)

    • Same issue, No DLNA support for Edge is like removing features instead of adding new features to compete with other browsers…

    • Is there any progress on this issue? I have rolled back Creators Update on the advice of Microsoft help desk but do not want to upgrade again until this issue is fixed!

    • please get back dlna streaming

    • Does the entry above:
      “Chi O. ‎Apr‎ ‎21‎, ‎2017
      Changed Status to “Confirmed””
      mean that Microsoft has accepted there is a problem? Has anyone at Microsoft got access to DLNA tv, as the problem is so easy to verify??

    • Same question. Does ‘Confirmed’ mean that you have verified the bug and are working on a fix?

      This was the one thing I used in Edge ALL the time. Because I slid out of the Insider program for a while after Creator’s came down, I can not fall back to 1603 unless I clean install.

    • I went as far as the future fall update from the insider hub and this feature still was not working. Having gone back to 1607 by clean install I have not been offered the creators update yet so can only assume that it is still not ready for older devices.

    • Same problem. Windows Media Player works ok with dlna but edge keeps searching and finds nothing!

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