DLNA devices not shown in "Cast media to device"

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Strahil K.
Apr 12, 2017
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Since the Creators Update DLNA devices do not show in the Cast media to device menu. Clicking Find other kind of devices just takes me to Settings/Bluetooth & other devices, where my DLNA device is listed as connected.
Casting from Windows Media Player(Cast to Device) works.
Edit: I tried another machine with Miracast support and my TV did show up, but when connected I got the desktop extended on the TV. So it wasn’t using it like DLNA device like before the Creators Update. I like this new feature but it would be great to also have the old behavior since it was quite handy for my older non Miracast enabled devices.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Venkat K.”

    • Changed Steps to Reproduce

    • Same issue. Updated to Creators update, lost ability cast to device from Edge browser. Until update everything vas functioning perfectly. Have to use Chromecast from Chrome until issue is fixed.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Eric B.”

    • Same issue. After receiving Creators Update, Media casting thru Microsoft Edge is no longer functioning. My DLNA devices appear connected in settings, however, Edge doesn’t recognize any DLNA devices which worked perfectly prior to the update. I use the EDGE feature to provide multimedia instruction to Middle school students enrolled in afterschool programs. Please provide a solution ASAP. Thank you.

    • Same problem here, after creator update and a clean install.

    • I have the same problem. After the Windows 10 Creators update, the Cast media to device does not work on the microsoft edge browser. The TV connected to the network does not appear

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “Eric B.” to “Chi O.”

      Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    • Same here! I have gone back to anniversary update But sooner or later will have to update again. just an answer would be nice, is it a bug or done by design. This was a great feature!!

    • Same here… on 3 machines. This feature was the ONLY thing that made me consider changing from Chrome to Edge. Now it`s gone…so is Edge for me…

    • Same problem. My favorite feature of Edge browser is broken.

    • Same Issue, please fix.

    • Cast to Device feature does not show DLNA devices but tries to find mirro devices…bad

    • cast to Devise DLNA, lütfen eski haline getirin ve çalışsın , güncelleme sonrası TV yi görmüyor.

    • Same problem, after update from ISO.

    • My DLNA device ((Xbox One ???) shows up in Windows 10 Creators update in Settings | Devices, but is not found when attempting to use Edge’s ‘Cast media to device’ feature. I also discovered that the Xbox One is not a DLNA certified device.

    • Same issue after Win10 creators update.
      Cant select DLNA devices from Edge browser anymore to cat to…

    • Same issue. After Creators update. My dnla connected TV appears in Devices but does not appear Edge-cast to media.

    • Same issue. After Creators update. My dlna connected TV appears in Devices but does not appear Edge-cast to media.

    • In the Creators update selecting “Cast media to device” from Edge now opens a “CONNECT” action centre style side bar which only includes wireless display and audio devices.  My wired DLNA devices are no longer listed

    • Is “Chi O.” going to do something about it? Or is the solution to keeping on passing the Assigned status to the next MS employee ?

    • Agree with last post Chi O is the apprentice, makes the tea as well!!

    • That’s the whole problem; if you want to get things done, you need coffee !!

    • I had the same problem even before the Creators Update: Casting from Edge to DLNA devices did not work, while it was fine with Windows Media Player with any picture, audio or video file

    • Use Chrome and vget cast ! still works fine.

    • I don’t want to use any products of Google

    • Thought ‘Development’ meant moving forward, NOT Backwards!!

    • I got the same problem, all of the sudden, after some update i wasn’t aware of i noticed ‘Cast media to device’ from Edge no longer works.
      The ‘cast to’ from File Explorer still works

    • Same to me. It was a nice feature to have the coolest in the whole win 10 experience. Hope you guys find fix.

    • Add me to the list! Everything was fine before Creators Update. Casting from Media Player is a little flaky, but eventually works, however cannot cast at all now from Edge to Panasonic DVR connected via ethernet.

    • same problem however I am trying to cast to my xbox from edge. no good. I can however cast actual files. however, I am unable to connect to my Xbox One and cast current playing media on my display. I was able to do this before the update.

    • Same issue here - cast to device is not finding my hardwired SmartTV, although it is shown in DEVICES as connected. Until Creator’s Update it was working (well, not perfect - but working)

    • Same issue, No DLNA support for Edge is like removing features instead of adding new features to compete with other browsers…

    • Is there any progress on this issue? I have rolled back Creators Update on the advice of Microsoft help desk but do not want to upgrade again until this issue is fixed!

    • please get back dlna streaming

    • Does the entry above:
      “Chi O. ‎Apr‎ ‎21‎, ‎2017
      Changed Status to “Confirmed””
      mean that Microsoft has accepted there is a problem? Has anyone at Microsoft got access to DLNA tv, as the problem is so easy to verify??

    • Same question. Does ‘Confirmed’ mean that you have verified the bug and are working on a fix?

      This was the one thing I used in Edge ALL the time. Because I slid out of the Insider program for a while after Creator’s came down, I can not fall back to 1603 unless I clean install.

    • I went as far as the future fall update from the insider hub and this feature still was not working. Having gone back to 1607 by clean install I have not been offered the creators update yet so can only assume that it is still not ready for older devices.

    • Same problem. Windows Media Player works ok with dlna but edge keeps searching and finds nothing!

    • Count me to ! Have to move to Google Chrome to get back that casting ability.

    • Yeah- it works on Google Chrome with Vget, but NOT when I use VPN (It used to work fine with Edge even with the VPN fired up)

    • Still broken in Windows 10 Build 16215… Will this ever be fixed. My only reason for Edge. I held out hope, but soon I will just sell the Xbox and hook up a chromecast.

      How can it take you so long to fix a feature that worked all the way to Creator’s? Come on son.

    • Absolutly incredible in this day and age that one cannot stream to a DNLA device. We could do that with the previous version of Windows. Microsoft, let’s go and get on with the program. This is a basic functionality

    • Something definitely went wrong. None of DLNA devices working after creator updates. Only those with version 1607 computers are able to use the Edge to cast media to screen.

    • Same problem with me on my Samsung TV 32c6000 DLNA device! Before creators update all was fine and Microsoft Edge function cast to device work and discovered my TV. After the creators update Microsoft edge browser can not discover my TV!!! Now I need to use media server to connect my laptop to my tv!!! Please fix Microsoft edge browser to work like before the creators update!

    • Exact same problem. Now all it does is endless attempts to find miracast devices (without success, as my desktop PC doesn’t even have wireless capabilities). I miss the days when I could just cast videos in Edge to my DLNA-compatible TV.

    • Two Computers both Windows 10 and Cast to Device worked from Edge. After Creators Update neither worked from Edge. One worked from File Explorer.

    • Same problem, very frustrating. I did confirm that Chrome vget cast works - just past url into supplied Google box. Looks like MS wants us to buy new TVs instead. Not likely…

    • same thing after CUpdate no longer do I have dlna showing in “Cast to media” only Miramar.
      Get this back asap please !!!

    • As above, exactly the same, considering, for me, its a Microsoft Xbox One that is the DNLA device that I used to regularly use Windows 10 Edge’s 'Cast to device 'feature to stream web content to my TV from various devices both wired and wireless, its major step backwards. If this is a bug, please fix, if its a removal of functionality, please update the Xbox to be detected by the new cast to feature in Edge… Even after many cumulative updates it is not resolved, nor in many Insider fast ring builds… I have to keep a VMware image sat in a ‘pre-creators release build’ just so I can carry on using this feature.

    • Same issue for me, and actually this was an awesome feature that sold me into using windows 10 on all my devices, and my family’s devices, even the phones. So, please, make it work again…

    • There is still no respond for that PROBLEM by Microsoft? I don’t meat those “bots” in MS forums…

    • I have Microsoft’s Xbox One and Windows 10 but i’m using dlna app from android to connect my Xbox. Shame on you Microsoft. Bring back dlna!

    • Same issue sending to Panasonic DMR220. Come on MS, bring it back and let us know the status.

    • same issue with my samsung TV. used to work flawlessly before the update, now it doesn’t. come on MS, pls fix this issue.

    • I solved the problem by just using my Apple iPad with the Lightning Adapter to connect to my TV. After the Creators Up-date if the next major up-date is as bad, I’m going to solve Microsoft’s problems with an iMac.

    • LG 42LV375S-ZC worked as a DLNA render in 1607 but does not show up in Add Device in Windows 10 1703

    • Xbox One S is NOT listed in Edge, but IS listed in Film & TV app. I’d like to see this fixed in a cumulative but suspect we won’t see a fix until the Creators Fall Update.

    • Is this problem solved?
      Films & TV app works as before the CU but Edge doesn’t. Basically, Cast Media to Device option now makes the TV (or the DLNA display you want to cast to), a secondary display to WIndows, rather than casting just the media that Edge is showing to the display, as before that CU

    • Miracast is a piece of unnecessary shit. Return the DLNA cast in the EDGE!

    • Re: wayne r. 's comments on Jun 16, 2017

      I was among the odd 20% or so who still didn’t want to use Chrome. This issue did it for me. No more Edge, Chrome it is. Waited for too long an it doesn’t seem MS is giving a f**k about user frustration.

    • @Sam L., You mean that you can cast to a DLNA device from Chrome? How?
      Note: I hope you don’t mean casting to YouTube!

    • Re: George P.

      Did you read wayne r.’s comments he left on Jun 16, 2017?

      (Turned out it didn’t work for me though…)

    • Having waited to be offered creators update through the normal update procedure it was installed this morning, Cast to device from edge is still not a working feature of build 15063.483

    • That was my last run with Edge. Microsoft, as I like you, I offer some advice. If you want any chance in the new browser game, make a Webkit Edge, make it cross platform, and have it totally decoupled from the OS. You should have kept IE around until Edge was at feature parity with Chrome, but you HAVE to be on mobile too. Suck it up and use Webkit. I officially gave up on Edge when you broke THE ONE thing I used it for, which I have many comments in this thread about… Cast to Device.

    • Re Chi O. ‎Apr‎ ‎21‎, ‎2017
      Changed Status to “Confirmed””— Come on Chi O. I had a tortoise that worked quicker than this!!! We are not asking for anything new!! just a reinstatement of a facility used by many. Hope this is not the future of ‘Development’ What will we lose in the Creators ‘FAIL’ update due Oct/Nov 2017??

    • Oh, guess it’s not just me. I just started using this feature the other day, it was pretty nifty for a lot of web videos. I used to use Firefox extensions to download the videos and then use Windows Media Player streaming to cast them to DLNA devices, then I found that Edge would let me skip the download part. Until I updated with the Creator’s update today! WTF!

    • I used the cast from edge to follow my online university degree videos, now what ? Have i to cancel my education Microsoft ?

      DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, this is pointless, give us an easy rollback or something until you fix it.

    • Yeah! Come on Microsoft! Otherwise, this guy is going to have to cancel his education! Brilliant.

    • It was the only good thing about Edge. So fix it please!!!

    • This sucks! I only liked using EDGE for 1 reason, the CAST TO feature! Now it is gone because of this CREATORS UPDATE screw up! Please fix this! :-(

    • Please fix it! After Creator Update after clicking on Cast Media To Device My DLNA device does not show up on the list, so I can not stream media! PLEASE FIX!

    • It’s unbelievable that this has been “Confirmed” on April 20th but is still ongoing 3 MONTHS later? If I took this long to fix a problem I’d have been fired long ago.
      WHY no updates?

    • I got sick of looking for an answer to this CONFIRMED problem, so I did the next best thing, A ROLL BACK! Then I DEFERRED any updates till they FIX it! Now my DLNA device shows up and my CAST TO works perfectly as it did before.

    • The only good answer that I’ve found here, in this forum, is this:

      NOTE: Not as easy to use as the Edge used to be, but since this doesn’t work anymore and there is no sign/indication/hint from MS when/if this will ever be fixed, this is the only solution right now…


    • Thanks George P.

      I will give that a shot this evening.

    • I also hope everyone is clicking the ‘Me Too’ button in the top right. If not, the complaints are all on deaf ears.

      IF this bug is only causing a problem for 51 people, I doubt it gets fixed. WE know it is a problem with the Creator’s build, but Microsoft is looking at numbers and every Edge quirk above this one will probably be dealt with first.

      This issue is also spread out over a TON of Windows Insider posts. Since so many people describe the same bug slightly different, none of them are voted up higher than a 1000 people or so.

    • Unbelievable - see:

      It clearly states the following:

      Cast your content
      Simply cast your media to devices that support DLNA or Miracast. Select “More Actions” and then "Cast Media to Device".

      The people at Microsoft obviously don’t talk to each other

    • Bob, it is unbelievable that they can have an article like that up where the instructions are not even available (even in the latest build). I give up on Microsoft.

      For everyone that cars, I went to the latest Insider Build and it is still broken, so it seems like this behavior will remain from Creator’s until whenever enough people try Edge to report this bug, so probably never.

      I’m going to play with the Chrome plugin mentioned above and may just grab a Chromecast and call it a day.

    • Be aware! when you install Chrome it is allowed through the windows 10 firewall at installation, however when you add vget cast and controller they can be blocked with no notification from the system. my own remedy was to return the firewall to its default settings and then re allow chrome into the allowed programs with the apps installed, I only have Chrome above and beyond default so this works for me.

    • Same Issue, please fix in Fall Creators Update

    • Well, I rolled back the CREATORS UPDATE to a previous version of the OS. Then I get a notification to INSTALL available updates, which I did (my mistake) I figured Microsoft surely fixed this ERROR, THEY DIDN’T! No CAST TO feature again! So I rolled back AGAIN (and gave my reason why I was going back as “Because the CREATORS UPDATE WAS SHIT!”)

      This time I ignored the little reminders to UPDATE & SHUTDOWN on the left side bar was annoying the shit out of me.

      So I went on a hunt for a workaround and found the wushowhide.diagcab Windows Update Show Hide tool. and chose to hide the option to install Feature update to Windows 10 version 1703

      Rebooted and no more NAGGING REMINDERS to install their failed build!

      It is working well now the CAS TO feature is back and all good no thanks Microsoft.

      I hope this helps some or all of you.

      Ron Freda

    • same issue after updating to WIN10 ver.1703 (OS build 15063.483)

      why is that happening?! no remedy(

    • Finally got Windows 10 Creators Update today on my nice custom-built PC. Was very happy. But then I discovered this issue. :’( Fix it Microsoft, please!

    • So, I hopped back into Insider, since the Fall update is near final. I will hop back out during the window where the build is 'RTM’…

      Bad news is that this isn’t fixed in the latest build, so I doubt it is any type of a priority. I do hope that they have accomplished their goal of getting Edge to a point where it can be updated separately from the OS. I wouldn’t count on it.

      Edge is still crap compared to Chrome in this build too… The way it is handling web apps and pinning is horrible.

    • Just adding my voice to Microsoft asking for a fix for this please.

    • It is utterly farcical that this is still outstanding in August. It’s blatantly not being working on by anyone at all.

    • I think the only purpose this thread serves is to allow people to vent their anger at this feature being removed rather than giving grief to other microsoft websites. I am moving on.

    • Microsoft fucked everything …fucking bunch of losers …keep removing features every other week… fuck them

    • It would be nice if Microsoft update every issue thread at least once per month with some progress information. It has been assigned to somebody so maybe it should be of that person responsibility. Even “we will not support this feature anymore” is better than saying nothing for months.

    • Same issue and totally agree with Eduard D.!!!

    • My laptop is a’ll messed up since the creators build release. Same DNLA issues. Edge and mail hang and take forever to open. Everything use to work great. No problems at all prior. Many personal settings and configurations taken over and altered. Just amazed this was released.

    • Same problem. There is a reason I kept 4 out of 5 PCs running Windows 7.

    • How unprofessional irresponsible from Microsoft?, looks like they have abandoned their testing team, release half cooked product and let users test for them, how ridiculous ?

    • Microsoft is really screwing up everything. Xbox one s lost the function to snap (PIP) which was a huge plus for me and a major factor in purchasing the fucking piece of shit that it is now and no longer able to cast to device through the WINDOWS FUCKING EDGE browser. What else is next? Go fuck yourselves Microsoft. Why the fuck would you even consider removing these features?

    • Same Issue, please fix in Fall Creators Update

    • 75 Users - DLNA devices not shown in "Cast media to device". Sep 5, 2017
      Microsoft - √√

    • Just adding my voice to Microsoft asking for a fix for this, please.
      I had to go back using Chrome (with an extension) for getting around this issue.

    • Can cast from Windows Media Player to my Marantz M-CR603, but not from Edge - CONNECT fails to show dnla device. Why?

    • Unbelievable… so since Microsoft destroyed this feature in Edge for streaming web directly via Edge in Windows 10 to DLNA devices, including their own Xbox One… (and not fixed even in the newest insider builds for next Fall Creators update), one workaround for me was to use Edge on the Xbox One to access the web media and view it directly, albeit really painful to sign in, select and view full screen with a ‘TV/Media remote’ it was workable… Now Microsoft have broken it on the most recent Xbox One update!! Streaming video in Xbox Edge randomly after 5-10 minutes just drops back to the Xbox One home, no errors, Edge just quits…
      So back to installing Chrome and the VGet extensions which is working flawlessly, which was a pain to get working, but no where near as frustrating as it has now become with Edge on Windows 10 and Xbox One…
      Please Microsoft, publically come clean on your intention or fix these issues!

    • Hi,
      It seems the problem known for 6 months. Nothing has changed. This is an urgent problem of Windows 10 after creators update.Microsoft should change the name “creators corrupt the system update”

    • The creators update is total SHIT!!!

      However there is a WORKAROUND (kinda) if you want to take the many hours to implement it.

      You must DL this “wushowhide.diagcab” and hide the update for “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703”

      It works for me and I have my “CAST TO DEVICE” (My DLNA) Feature working again.

      My Panasonic VIERA is not the problem and I’ve tried every supposed FIX and WORKAROUND imaginable, trust me this is the ONLY working FIX there is!!!

      I hope this helps,

      Ron Freda
      cyberspyder ‘AT’ gmail.com

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