RTCPeerConnection.setRemoteDescription with a=setup:passive fails #edgebug

Fixed Issue #11666328


Apr 14, 2017
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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Balaji B.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Venkat K.”

      Changed Assigned To from “Venkat K.” to “Shijun S.”

    • Thank you so much for reporting the issue to us!  

      Quick question: is this issue currently blocking your RTC service implementation?  It’d be nice to get more details if that is the case. It will help us determine the priorities among other bugs in our RTC area.

      All the Best, Shijun for the Edge platform team

    • Hi Shijun,

      Thanks for looking at this issue.

      I discovered this issue when testing Discord’s web client (https://discordapp.com/) on Edge 15. Voice chat functionality can be enabled by using Chrome’s user agent string. When joining a voice channel, it creates an offer and sends it to a voice server. The server answers with a=setup:passive, which Edge rejects. I don’t know the details of Discord’s server-side RTC implementation, but I don’t think this can be worked around with JavaScript.

      Take care,

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “Shijun S.” to “Frank L.”

      Changed Status to “Confirmed”

      Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Fixed”

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