Edge interface becomes unresponsive after opening and closing a new InPrivate window

Issue #11682225 • Assigned to Leslie C.


Wesley ..
Apr 17, 2017
This issue is public.
Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Microsoft Edge;

  2. Browse to any website;

  3. Click in the “more actions” button (°°°);

  4. Click in "New InPrivate window";

  5. When the new InPrivate window opens, close it;

  6. When you close the InPrivate window and return to the normal window, the browser interface buttons, including the URL bar, are unresponsive.

This failure has occurred very frequently, but it may be necessary to repeat the steps several times until the error has been successfully reproduced.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Lee H.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Dave B.”

      Changed Assigned To from “Dave B.” to “Warren S.”

      Changed Assigned To from “Warren S.” to “Leslie C.”

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