Content-Disposition with a '%20' in the filename and without a extension not getting decoded

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Karuppiah S.
Apr 25, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

In our application we are using file download. And in one of the case we are not giving the file extension and only the file name is being given.

And the filename will be having the spaces. Before it gets assigned to the Content-Disposition response header we are encoding those spaces by ‘%20’ as per the recommended ‘UTF-8’ encoding.

Eg: Content-Disposition attachment; filename="Additional%20material%20received%20from%20Correspondent"

The downloaded file also having the file name with ‘%20’ and not spaces.

But the same thing is working fine if we have the extension.

Eg: Content-Disposition attachment; filename="Additional%20material%20received%20from%20Correspondent1.msg"

This is working fine in other browsers. Kindly review the issue and fix it in IE.



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