Edge fails on Google and Amazon

Fixed Issue #11780180


Henry L.
Apr 25, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

I have three build 15063 box. Just one fail to show google.com, amazon.com, amazon.co.jp etc. (maybe some SSL on all pages website).
When I reboot windows, everything seems good. But after a while, Edge begin to refuse to connect to Google.com and Amazon.co.jp.
Page loading are very slow. Some parts and pictures failed to load
Finally, almost nothing shows.

I found similar issue #11679877 reported last week.
I research on this issue and found that when Edge fail to load google.com, SSL Negotiations failed to start.
Two try of SSL client Hello never got any response from Google’s server.
I use Wire Shark to catch some packets and found those SSL client Hello both with Fast Open Cookie.
An interesting fact is, when I start a Fiddle capture session, all connections to google.com and amazon.co.jp back to work fine. Everything looks normal. When I stop the Fiddle capture session. All things go wrong again. With Wire Shark captured packets, I can see no Fast Open Cookie was used.
At the same time, IE 11 works fine.

Also, the only PC fail to show Google installed many communication apps such as Outlook, Skype, Skype for business, LINE, WeChat. Maybe this is the reason force Edge process use upper port like 6xxxx when fail to connect to Google via SSL.
I have two PCs both installed build 15063 with no experience on fail to show google.com issue. And I found they can connect to Google’s server via SSL successfully with Fast Open Cookie using some lower port like 2xxxx.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

    • Hi Henry,

      Excellent information and nice test environment for this issue!  Your finding would explain why the connections are intermittent, the more difficult type of bugs to catch.

      Did you by chance take a Wireshark capture while running Fiddler?  It would be interesting to verify your finding and see if Fiddler is always using a fixed port or port ranges in the lower range and thereby preventing this issue.

      I will create a repro forcing the ephemeral ports to a higher range and let you know.

      Appreciate you submitting this,


    • You are good.  I just noticed the attachments and that you already provided the Fiddler and Google Wireshark capture! 

    • Hi Henry,

      Can you collect some information for me when you experience this issue again?  I want to eliminate ephemeral port exhaustion as a cause.  I know port exhaustion doesn’t exactly fit because you mention that you can still use other browsers when you see this issue, however, I would still like to collect this information.

      From an admin cmd prompt run each of the following commands and send the results:
      netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport tcp
      netstat -an | find /c “TIME_WAIT”
      netstat -an | find /c “CLOSE_WAIT”
      netstat -an | find /c “ESTABLISHED”

      Or if you have Git Bash or similar:
      netstat -an | egrep ‘TIME_WAIT|CLOSE_WAIT|ESTABLISHED’ | wc -l

      Also, can you check your event logs during this time period for network related entries?

      Here is a reference link on port exhaustion.

      Thank you for the help.

    • Hi Steven,

      When I experience this issue again today, I am try to collect information for several times.

      netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport tcp

      result is: start from 49152, ports 16384

      other three command’s results
      71 7 42
      9 10 56
      10 12 49
      14 13 50
      7 9 25

      This time, Edge use port 55xxx when fall into the issue.
      Event logs has no network related entries.

      I hope this will help.

    • Hi Henry,

      Thank you for the test results.

      Is this issue still only on one computer?  The same computer every time?

    • Also, as an FYI, here is another bug report related to YouTube and Google not working.  Does not seem to apply for you.  Might not hurt to verify time synchronization and timezone settings on the computer having the issue.



    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Venkat K.”

    • Hi Steven,

      At this time, this issue still only on one computer.
      This computer is a real one. While my other two computers are both virtual machine.
      Also, those virtual machines with build 15063 have different results when use
      netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport tcp

      The results are both start from 1025, ports 64510.
      The computer I can reproduce this issue is my main computer.
      I first fall into this issue last week after I upgrade to build 15063.
      My computer is an old one start from Windows 8.0 and then upgrade to 8.1, 10(1511), 10(1609), 10(1703). So, I thought maybe something wrong with it, and I decide to make a clean install after all.
      After I do a clean install and install a few apps. I fall into the issue again.
      My main computer is running Hyper-V and host 3 virtual machines.

    • I just reproduce this issue on another computer, one of my virtual machine.
      I use netsh to set the dynamic port range start from 49152. Restart the virtual machine and fall into the issue in 10 minutes.
      Also, set the dynamic port range start from 49152 without restart the computer, I can not reproduce the issue for nearly 20 hours.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Needs root cause”

    • My friend asked me why she’s computer cannot access to YouTube last night.
      I checked through the situation and realized this is the same issue.
      Her computer has only Office 2016, desktop version of Skype installed. Build 15063.
      Dynamic port range is start from 49152.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “Venkat K.” to “Ali A.”

    • With this week’s update, build 15063.296, I can’t reproduce this issue on both my PCs for at least 48 hours.

    • With build 15063.296, I reproduce the issue again last night.
      All Google web sites failed and Amazon is broken.

    • Hi Henry, would you mind trying to turn TCP fast open off in about:flags in Edge and giving it another shot?

    • Hi Ali, turn TCP fast open off will fix the issue. But, the default setting of Edge is TCP fast open enabled.

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To from “Ali A.” to “Praveen B.”

      Changed Status from “Needs root cause” to “Fixed”

    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We confirmed the problem, and implemented a solution on a later build of Edge. We are resolving this issue as a duplicate of an existing internal bug report. We look forward to additional feedback you may have on how we can improve Microsoft Edge.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

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